My little princess, Caitlin, was really excited when see saw that we had a Cinderella Ready Bed to review. She couldn’t wait for me to get it out the box so she could try it out.


Cinderella ready bed 1


The bed comes rolled up, with a pump and instructions. There is a flap above the pillow part of the bed that has the valve in, and you just contact the hand pump and pump it up. It took me about 5 minutes to get it fully inflated.


cinderella ready bed 4

cinderella ready bed 3


Once up you can cover the flap back over, and it secures with velcro.


cinderella ready bed 5

cinderella ready bed 6

cinderella ready bed 7


It has a zip down one side to make it easy to get in and out. And the pillow part is higher to rest your head on.

You can also take the whole cover off to wash it. Which is brilliant.


cinderella ready bed 2


Like I said, Caitlin, couldn’t wait to try it out and kept on telling me to hurry up as I was trying to take photos of the bed. As soon as i said I was done, she jumped straight into it.


cinderella ready bed 9

cinderella ready bed 8


For the last week, she hasn’t even been sleeping in her bed. She has been sleeping in her ready bed on the floor. And when we had a family night last week, she brought it downstairs to watch the films in. Her older brother Ryan, was also tucked up in his SLPY while we watched the films and poor Aaron, didn’t have anything, so he just cuddled me.

The ready beds are available to buy from Tesco Direct and Asda for RRP  £29.99 and are suitable for ages 3+.

There are also different characters to choose from Ninja Turtles to Frozen!

ready beds - Cinderella & Star Wars


And one of my readers can win their very own Ready Bed. I have 1 Ready Bed to giveaway in either the Cinderella design or Star Wars design. Just enter the gleam widget below.



Cinderella or Star Wars Ready Bed

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I was sent a Cinderella ready bed in return for this post. All opinions are mine 

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227 comments on “Cinderella Ready Bed Review + Giveaway”

  1. no shes only 3 but at a friends id say maybe around 6-7 years old but depends on whose house shes sleeping out at

  2. No but Melody has sleepovers at her grandma’s with her cousin. I think about 10/11 is a suiable age to start them.

  3. My kids are grown up now but they started staying over at friends at about 12. My granddaughter is only 3 so not old enough yet, but she would love this ready bed x

  4. My 5 year old has not had a sleepover at any of her school friends houses, but she has stayed the odd night at one of my friends houses who have children of a similar age.

  5. No not yet, she doesnt even like staying over at families houses. I think around 10/11 is about right

  6. Yes, she slept at a friends when she was 18 months old, as I was giving birth to her brother! None since, and probably not until next year when she is in year 1 at school. She would love to now though!

  7. My children have all slept over at their Grandparents houses but only my eldest has slept over at a friends house and he was 7 years old, but he didn’t really enjoy it so we are waiting a little longer for next time.

  8. my boys have never slept at someone elses, though we have had children sleep at ours.I would allow it maybe from 5

  9. My son is only 3 so haven’t even thought about it yet. I think it would depend on how well I knew the child and their parent(s). I don’t even think I could give a rough age x

  10. My daughters are 1 and 3 yrs old and have only ever slept at their grandparents’ house. I would consider it when my daughter is around 7 at the least, it would depend on the parents and how well behaved my daughter was at that age. I’m not sure if she would want to sleep out as she quite likes her own bed.

  11. No mine are ages 4 and 7. I think they need to be a bit older so they dont mess about when in bed! You want the persons house they are sleeping round to have a good experience of your child being there lol x

  12. My daughter is only 5. I don’t think I’d let her sleepover at someone’s house until she is 10.

  13. We never liked ours staying over at other peoples houses but when they did eventually stop over they were about 7 or 8. They started being asked right from the age of 4 once they started school which I felt was too young. Think you have to judge each child individually, one of ours was always fine but another I had to go and get her at 2am but luckily she was only across the road x

  14. No, not yet. Daughter is 4, so I feel she is a bit young at the moment. I’d imagine around the age of 6.

  15. I have 2 boys 9 and 7 and a daughter who is 3 if my 2 oldest got invited to sleep over i would allow them although my son did sleep over at Cubs last year

  16. My son is nearly 2 he hasn’t slept at a friends house but he often sleeps and Nanna’s and his other Nannys house. We go and visit family a lot who live far away so he tends to share a bed with us would be great if we won. Love the comp

  17. My daughter is 6 and hasn’t been to a sleepover yet but she’s had her cousin sleep over at ours, I don’t drive so my biggest fear with a sleepover is if she wakes up upset and I can’t get to her, I’d rather wait until she is sure she will be ok.

  18. Because of our shifts my son has had sleepovers with his cousins from age 2. He is 6 now and I wouldn’t mind him having a sleepover with friends.

  19. None of mine have had a sleep over, my daughter is nearly 8 and keeps asking so we might see how it goes in the summer holidays

  20. our 3 children are all grown up but we do have 3 grandchildren and the only place they sleep over at is our house, in fact they stayed here last night

  21. Mine are 7 & 9. Should the opportunity arise I would let both stay at a friends. Hasn’t come up yet though

  22. Not at a friends house but at their aunt and uncles, he was age 6. Would have to know the family well to let him stay at a friends

  23. My little girl is only 7 so hasn’t had a sleep over yet. I think when she is about 10 or if I have my way 25.

  24. My seventeen month old daughter has stayed with Nanny and Grandad-they are like her best friends at the moment..when she is older, I think whenever she is old enough to successfully use a toilet would be smart!

  25. Lydia has slept over at her Aunties so is happy to stay elsewhere, I just think that 7 maybe a little young, we have a good relationship with the parents of her friends but we’ll have to see I think!

  26. My nephews have slept over at my house and other family members, but not at a friends house yet (although they are are all under three, so still a little on the young side).

  27. My son first slept over at a friend’s home when he was about 8 but they only lived two doors away. My daughter at 4 is still far too young but she does stay with her granny.

  28. my little one is nearly 4, and has only stayed with Family. She still doesnt sleep through then night, so i doubt she will be having any non family sleepovers. She loves staying at her cousin’s house, (Alfie age 7) and sleeps on his Minion Readybed on the floor. Id love for her to have her own bed so they can sleep on the floor together.

  29. daft Gleam never accepts the following on instagram option – but i am – and hearting for my entry @stacysorrell711

  30. The older two have but the younger two haven’t. I think the age they are ready to stay over at a friends house depends on the child. My eldest was ready a lot quicker than his sister was.

  31. Mine have, but not until they were 11. I don’t think they really wanted to be away from home, and it was only to a house where we had known both the parents and the children for years.

  32. My children haven’t slept around a friends house but they are only 4 and 7! I would say 10+ before I would agree to it!

  33. not yet, shes 3, I would consider it at 6-7 I think and I would obviously have to know the parents very well at that age. She would love to use this for camping though 🙂

  34. My daughter when she was 10 but my son is 6 and is just content having sleepovers at his grans for now.

  35. My daughter is only 3 and has never spent the night away from home. I would be comfortable with her sleeping over at a good friends’ house at around 7 years I think.

  36. My daughter is 7 and has never stayed over at a friends house yet, I am not sure whether I would be comfortable with her staying out, I would much prefer her friend staying at ours

  37. My daughter’s 2, so she’s only stayed at her grandparents’ a few times. Depending on how well I knew the other child and their family, I’d probably be ok with age 6 or 7. I know I had overnights with friends and Scout camps around that age.

  38. My daughter, 6, has never stayed at her friends but I would consider it depending on how well I knew her friend and the parents

  39. Not yet as he’s not even 2 but I’d consider it when he goes to nursery…it depends on how much you trust the parents.

  40. As long as you know they are safe and well and going to be well looked after by a responsible adult I don’t think age matters.x

  41. Mine are 2 and 5. I would say 7-8 years old at a friends house. Hopefully my eldest will have grown out of her night terrors and sitting up talking in her sleep – can be quite frightening!

  42. My 2 children are 4 and 8 neither have had a sleep over at a friends house and if I have my way neither ever will, they will only stay over at my family houses, today’s day and age you can’t be too careful, at least if my children are at home I know they are both safe.i won’t be allowing any my children’s friends to stay over at our house.

  43. My children are 3 and 5 the only place they sleep out is at their nana/granddads. My son has asked if his friends can sleep over at our house. But i think i would allow my children to sleep out from the age of 10 aslong as i knew where they are and had met their parents etc…

  44. Neither of my children have had a sleepover yet, my son did a school residential last year aged 7 but doesn’t want to do it again! Suppose it depends on the child x

  45. No my little girl is three, I wouldn’t even consider it. Maybe when she’s about 8 but only if I know the parents very well and their will be a group of children staying over otherwise I don’t think I’d be comfortable with the idea until she’s in secondary school.

  46. Not yet but she’s only 3, I guess she will probably want to start doing so when she’s at school, so 6 or 7?

  47. well at 4 she stayed at my sisters and she is friends with her little girl a year older, i may consider it in a few years with a non family friends

  48. Not yet, but he is desperate to have his friend stay overnight, they’re 4. We all stayed at a friend’s house for new year and have all stayed over at cousins houses before which they all loved. Not sure when I’d let him stay without me, bit longer yet!

  49. My daughter has only just turned 3 so hasn’t slept at a friends house without us there yet. I’m not sure what age I would be happy with her doing so. She loves staying at her grandparents without us though!

  50. My child is 2 but I think maybe 8 years old is good but she stays at grandparents house and hates the travel cot so I think she would sleep in this better.

  51. yes, often, but her friend’s family are close friends of ours xx
    i wouldn’t be comfortable otherwise xx

  52. my daughter is 9 and has just had her first sleepover at her friend from schools house, it was for a birthday sleepover, she had a great time

  53. I think sensible children are probably ready at the age of 9 or 10. My son is 7 and he won’t even stay at grandparents yet, each child is different, the confidence has to be mutual

  54. Not yet, she’s only 3, we’ll see when she’s going to be ready and how close the friends and parents would be to us. 🙂

  55. My children have never slept over. They are only 4 and 2 though. My nieces sleepover here all the time. I think 8 or even older for sleepovers.

  56. Mine haven;t yet but my oldest is only 2.5 I think in the next few years I would feel a bit more comfortable.

  57. Only Got Grandchildren of that sort of age, but still worry about them if sleeping over at friends houses. Only at 8 or above would I let them sleep over but only at Trusted friends.

  58. My daughter has one time, but I knew the parent very well and would never consider it unless I was sure of the other parents.

  59. Yes many years ago when they were younger, they are 20 & 24 now.My granddaughter is 16 months & so is a wee bit young yet but she does stay over at both grandparents alternative weekends from Friday to Saturday to give mum & dad a wee break.

  60. My elder daughter had her first away sleepover when she was about 6. I think it depends entirely on the personality of each child.

  61. No he is only 3 and he stays with his grandparents but that’s it. Maybe when he about 7/8 he can start sleepovers

  62. My two children are 3&6 and they haven’t slept out before. My eldest has been asking about having his friend over, but I think maybe around age 8 would be acceptable xxx

  63. Not yet as mine are 4 & 10 months. I’d probably consider a sleepover from 6-7 if I knew the family well.

  64. he’ been to his cousins who’s his friend too, but never slept yet at a friends house out of the family , his only seven and feel its a bit young at the moment

  65. My eldest has a few times. She started when she was about 11 and she’s 13 now. I waited until she felt comfortable being away from home.
    My 11 year old hasn’t slept away from home yet and either has my 14 month old.

  66. My children have slept in plenty of (safe) places! We started at a young age and they have had sleep overs at family friends but not without me. Hoping maybe next year I’ll be brave enough to trust someone!

  67. Only with her brownies troupe. I would only consider a friends house when she starts in comprehensive school.

  68. She hasn’t slept over yet (she’s only 3) but I’d say about 6 for friends…. Although probably soon for nanny’s house 🙂

  69. Both my girls had their first sleepovers with friends at about age 7 by they have stayed with family from babies!

  70. Has stayed with family members since birth and depending on how she is at the age I would consider 4/5 an ok age to be spending sleep overs at friends

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