My youngest two kids where really excited when a parcel arrived address to them both. They couldn’t wait to see what was inside the Kids Parcel, but I made them wait till after tea and Caitlin had to have a bath as she got spaghetti all in her hair. Aaron had to wait very patiently while Caitlin was in the bath washing her hair. But as soon as she was out she put her pyjama’s on straight away, even though she was still wet.





Here’s the video of them opening the Kids Parcel and finding out what was inside



They both really loved their new toys. To be honest, when I accepted to do a review of the Kids Parcel, I knew that it was a box of toys but I never knew they where going to be branded toys. I was expecting things like snakes and ladders game, snap card game, marbles, tiddlywinks. You know, things that are quite cheap and you can find in the pound shop. But no! This was so much more than I was expecting and it felt like Christmas. Christmas in a box come early!

The toys they got where:

  • Hotwheels Star Wars Car
  • Hexbug
  • Play-doh Crazy Cuts
  • BrainBox Bounce Dinosaurs
  • Disney Tsum Tsum Squishies

Me and the kids loved every single toy! The box is priced at £29.99 and I worked out the toys we received work out more than this if we bought them individually


what we got - Kids Parcel - mystery box - serenity You

kids with their kids parcel


Each parcel comes with a minimum of 5 toys and you have the choice of getting a girl box, boy or unisex box. The contents of each box is also individually handpicked based on your child’s age and comes with a little personalised message for your child.

The boxes are £29.99 and come with free delivery.

I think these are excellent!! Great as a little reward for you child or would be perfect to buy for a child’s birthday or Christmas present especially if you don’t have a clue what to get for them.

I would recommend these Kids Parcels to everyone!


toys from the Kids Parcel


And here’s a little video of Aaron playing with his favourite item from the parcel, the Play-doh



You can also find Kids Parcel on Facebook and Twitter

What was your favourite item we received? Let me know in the comments

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Best of Worst

We received the Kids Parcel in return for this post. All opinions are mine and the kids


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18 comments on “Our Review of the Kids Parcel”

  1. I am going to have a look at these and see how expensive they are and if it would be suitable to send to my great nieces in South Africa. Would need to also see the age ranges – but they look/sound amazing!

  2. These look fantastic, my son would be thrilled if I brought him one of these. Thank you for sharing, i will go and look at the website, they are-a great idea for birthdays.

  3. I haven’t heard of these before but they look fantastic and Caitlin and Aarons smiles say they liked it very much, Megan had to have a bath before going out to play last week as Mollie (her 5 month old sister was sick in it) I did pre warn her not to tickle her to much as she had just had her bottle but she wouldnt listen xXx

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