How cute are these little Ladybird Appetizers? These would be perfect for a kids party, a healthier option than just crisps and biscuits. You could even maybe have a ladybird party them or maybe a bug or garden party. I know my kids would love these, and even though some kids aren’t keen on olives or basil leaves, I know that they would still want to try them has they are just so adorable. And also they are so easy to make!


ladybird appetizers 3



Ingredients are :

  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Black olives
  • Mozzarella
  • Basil leaves
  • Cream Cheese
  • Black food colouring

First off, you may have noticed that my little spots aren’t black, that’s because I forgot to buy the black food colouring. So I had to improvise and I used a mixture of green, red and blue to try to make it as dark as possible. Has you can see mine turned out a light brown. But it doesn’t matter, so can still tell that they are supposed to be ladybirds.

Right, so first I used a mozzarella ball and thinly cut slices off. Then I placed a basil leaf on top, roughly the same size as the piece of mozzarella. Then get your cherry tomatoes and make a little cut in them from the middle on one side. Get your cream cheese and mix with the black food colouring. Then make 6 little dots on top of the tomatoes. Place on top of the basil leaf. Then last but not least cut your black olives in half, length ways and place next to the tomato for the head.

I did try to ‘glue’ the olive in place by using the cream cheese, but I just made a mess, so it is best to just place the olive next to it.

There you go. Super cute and super easy!


ladybird appetizers 1

ladybird appetizers 2

ladybird appetizers collage


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