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My Spring Pastel Favourites

I am so glad Spring is finally here! I hate the cold wet weather and always look forward to the warmer months so I can spend some time outside. I love just sitting in my back garden and having a nice cup of tea first thing in the morning, just listening to the birds singing […]

Yellow Moon Easter Themed Crafts

Me kids really look forward to receive their Yellow Moon craft bundles and this time it was Easter themed!! This bundle of Yellow Moon Easter themed crafts contained some really great items. Easter Grass (tissue paper) £2.45 Spring basket Kits – pk 8 – £2.95 Mini Glitter Eggs – pk 100 – £2.50 Easter dotty […]

18 Spring Flower Crafts

Spring is almost here and it’s time to brighten the place up with some pretty flowers. But don’t worry, if you don’t want to go out and buy some fresh flower, just make your own. I have found 18 fantastic spring flower crafts to make and do from crochet flowers to paining sunflowers with a […]

Updating your Bedroom for Spring

Are you looking to update your bedroom for spring? You don’t need to go all out and decorate your whole room. Just simply changes can make your room look completely different. Your bed is probably the biggest thing in your room, so changing the bed linen will instantly transform the look of your room. You […]

Resist Art with Easter Eggs

Yesterday I showed you the resist art I did with my kids. Today we did the same kind of thing, but on eggs. to make these you will need : eggs (hard boiled or blown) cup of water food colouring vinegar scissors Magic Scotch Tape kitchen paper 1. Take your blown or hard boiled eggs. […]

20 Easter Ideas!!!

Easter is on it’s way and today I thought I would share with you 20 Easter ideas that I have found that I think would be perfect to try out. From Easter Baskets to Easter Cakes and Easter Egg Button Art to really fun and cute Easter bunny hats. Come take a look and let […]

Jam and Cream Cheese Flower Sandwiches

Jam and Cream Cheese Flower Sandwiches Hello everyone! It’s Melissa from Willamette Valley Wonder Woman! It has been way to long since I stopped by to say hi 🙂 Today I want to share with you these little delicious tea sandwiches I made for my daughter’s 5th birthday party. They are so easy to make […]