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The Remarkable Hare Review

Last week was mine and my husbands 14th wedding anniversary. We got married quite young, I was 19 and he was 21. But 14 years later we are still together and going strong and now have 3 beautiful children. We wasn’t really going to do anything this year to celebrate as money is tight at […]

Student Guide to the City of Newcastle

Student guide to the city of Newcastle Newcastle’s nightlife is famous. It’s a massive draw for the city and if you’re planning on going to Newcastle University, it’s well worth checking out the many bars, gigs and clubs. Aside from the social scene, it’s a stunning, historic city that’s steeped in culture. It also offers […]

Top Ten London Attractions

If there’s one thing London is good at, it’s its attractions. You’d need a couple of weeks, at least, to tick everything off your must-visit list, but if you have time restrictions and you need to limit what you can see, there are some sights that top to-do lists over, and over, again. Book yourself […]