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Num Noms Inspired Pancakes #NumNomsPancakeDay

One of our favourite days of the year is Pancake Day and me and the kids always have pancakes for tea. The husband doesn’t, as he doesn’t like them, so he’ll just have a cheese toastie or something. This year we have been sent some Num Noms and been asked to take the Num Noms […]

Num Nom Flavoured Inspired Pancakes

We really love pancakes in our house, well, except my husband who hates them. But me and the kids really love them. We don’t have them very often has we like to have lot’s of unhealthy stuff on them. My favourite being Nutella and the kids like lots of chocolate and strawberry sauce. And I […]

Easy Peasy Pancakes

  We love having pancakes on Pancake Day. It’s a tradition we do every single year (apart from my husband who doesn’t like them). Here is a easy peasy pancake recipe for you that come out really delicious Ingredients : 100g plain flour 2 eggs 300ml semi-skimmed milk a bit of vegetable oil 1. Place […]

Banana Pancakes

banana pancakes

Who doesn’t like pancakes? ok, my husband doesn’t, but me and my kids love them and with Pancake Day just around the corner there’s no excuse not to have some. I love normal pancakes but over the weekend I thought I would try out something I’ve seen all over Pinterest – Banana Pancakes. And what […]