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Birthday and Address Book – Review

      Looking for a lovely gift for you mum this Mother’s day, try looking on I Just Love it. They have loads of fabulous personalized presents. You can find my past review on their Personalized Adult Colouring Book here. Today I will be sharing with you the Cakes & Rings Birthday & Anniversaries […]

10 Simple Tips to Keep your House Tidy

I really struggle to keep my house clean and tidy. Mainly because I HATE cleaning!! But I’ve been trying some ideas out and so far they are workingEveryday I do my normal everyday chores like washing the pots, hoovering etc.. But I always feel like I didn’t have enough time to do all the other things that needed doing around the house. That’s where tip number […]

My Home Management Folder

On my way to organise my life and home I’ve decided to make an home management folder. i got the idea from Organized home and also most of the printable sheets. first of all i brought a plain black folder priced at £1.50, and some colourful dividers for £1.99 The first section in my folder is […]