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3 Easy Ways to Give Your Living Room a Facelift

3 Easy Ways to Give Your Living Room a Facelift There‚Äôs little worse than a living room that looks like a Dickensian novel. Somewhere among the mountain of takeaway cartons and pile of unwashed dishes, you can hear your faithful feline scratching and meowing as she attempts to rid your space of an unwelcome mischief […]

Creative Wall Lighting for your Living Room

Creative wall lighting for your living room The right kind of lighting in your living room offers you a number of options towards creating a specific atmosphere. Strategically placed wall lights can also help to open up a room and highlight an eye-catching focal point. Careful consideration should be taken with your room illuminations especially […]

Personalized Wall Sticker

We decorated our living room almost 2 years ago now yet still we have nothing on our main wall. We was going to put this canvas picture up but our wall is rock solid and too hard to knock a nail in. My husband doesn’t have a drill or anything like that as he is […]