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Heart and Butterfly Light Shade Review

  I decorated Caitlin’s room last year, I still haven’t posted about this, I completely forgot. I only just remembered when I started to write this post. But before it was cream and beige. We decorated it while I was pregnant before we knew whether she would be a girl or a boy. But Last […]

My new bedside lamps

I really needed some bedside lamps in my bedroom. We just had the one on my husbands side of the bed, which was annoying as I like to read a bit before I go to sleep but my husband doesn’t like the light on. And not only that but the current lamp we had was […]

Beautiful Mini Heart Garden Lights

I have recently become a blogger ambassador for Valuelights. I have been following them for a while on twitter and they have some really night lights. From garden lights to ceiling light and desk lights to disco balls! There is something on their suitable for every need. As part of being a blogger ambassador I […]