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Cutting the Costs of living with Type 2 Diabetes

Cutting the Costs of Living with Type 2 Diabetes Living with type two diabetes can be expensive. Testing supplies, prescription drugs, and doctor’s visits all add up quickly. A patient might need a team of specialists to deal with their illness and various symptoms. However, there are several ways to cut those expenses and keep […]

Nutrition and Exercise Tips for New Mums

Exercise and nutrition for new mums

Here are some great post-pregnancy nutrition and exercise tips for new mothers.     Exercise How much exercise you need to do depends on your medical history, level of fitness, obstetrical cause, and how you are recovering. Some women may find themselves able to handle exercise within a matter of days, while others could have […]

Health Care – Guide for Finding a Physician

Choosing a physician to handle your health care needs is a critical step towards proper health management. Your doctor is the person you seek medical advice from, visit regularly for your health issues, including routine checkups and the individual that addresses your health concerns.     Patient-Doctor Relationships Some of the relationships that patients have […]

Protect Yourself from an STI

    With Halloween just been and gone, it’s likely you geared up and joined in with all the frightful festivities. However, a sexually transmitted infection (STI) is one terrifying trick you’re going to want to avoid this spooky season. As this Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor infographic points out, it’s not always clear what’s going […]

The Health Benefits of Eating Breakfast

This week has been National Breakfast week and MOMA have made an infographic showing some facts bout eating breakfast. With 1 in 10 people completely skipping breakfast it is slightly worrying has eating within 2 hours of waking up kick starts our metabolism to start working and burning off calories. I have to admit, I […]