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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

If you are still looking for some last minute Christmas gift ideas, then you have come to the right place. I like to get all my gifts throughout the year as it save me money. But if you are one of those people like my husband and leave everything to the last minute and will […]

Foodies Gift Guide 2017

Do you have a foodie lover in your household? If so, here I have put together a few great gift ideas for them. I love my food and my biggest weakness is chocolate. You can be me any kind of chocolate there is and I’ll be very happy. This guide includes some wines, chocolate, cupcakes, […]

Christmas Toy Gift Guide 2017

Well it’s that time of year again. Yes, Christmas is just a few weeks away and my kids have already wrote down their wish lists. I think this year there is more toys than there ever has been to choose from, which is making it a bit tricky for most parent to narrow it down […]

7 Fab Father’s Day Gifts

With Father’s Day less than a week away it’s time to make sure you have bought your dad the perfect gift. If your dad is like mine, then he is very hard to buy for as he as everything already. But I have put together these 7 fab Father’s Day gifts which I guarantee your […]

Basic Invite : Truly Custom Invitations

Basic Invite: Truly Custom Invitations. Basic Invite is an online stationery design company specializing in personalized and custom stationery. They have cards for all of your major life moments including wedding stationery, personal and business stationery, first birthday invites, and so much more! With another spring season here it’s time to think about your kid’s […]

Valentines Gifts for Him & Her

Valentines gifts for him and her on Serenity You

It’s less than one week away until Valentines Day. So I thought I would share with you some last-minute Valentines gifts. Me and my husband have never celebrated Valentines day, but only because he has to work. He works in a restaurant and Valentines Day is their busiest day f the whole year. So we […]

Beautiful Jewellery from Happiness Boutique

A while ago i was asked if I would like to review some jewellery from Happiness Boutique. I love simple, delicate pieces of jewellery. I don’t really like big and bold statement pieces. happiness boutique have perfect jewellery for me that I really love. But if you are a statement piece kinda girl, then they […]

For Her Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Can you believe it Christmas in just over a months time? This year has just gone way to quick. Normally by now I have my Christmas Gift Guides up, but this year the days have just zoomed past that I have been all in a rush to sort things out. But fear not, my guides […]

Non Chocolate Easter Gifts

I love chocolate!! But often find that there seems to be way too much of it about around Easter. So if you want to cut down on your sugar intake why not treat yourself or a loved one to one of these non chocolate Easter Gifts.       Wish list Bashful Bunny from John […]

Birthday and Address Book – Review

      Looking for a lovely gift for you mum this Mother’s day, try looking on I Just Love it. They have loads of fabulous personalized presents. You can find my past review on their Personalized Adult Colouring Book here. Today I will be sharing with you the Cakes & Rings Birthday & Anniversaries […]

Wicked Uncle Review

I have heard of the Wicked Uncle toy website but never bought anything from there before, or even visited it to be honest. When I saw them tweet a message on twitter asking for bloggers to review them, I thought this was a great chance to see what they was all about. The toys are […]

Meadow Kids Craft Sets Review

At the beginning of summer I received three fun sets from Meadow Kids. The kids loved playing with them, I took photo’s of them for this review but then uploaded them to the wrong album. Then forgot all about the review, so that is why it is going up so late! But these are definitely […]