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Buying Clothes That Actually Fit from Simply Be

Clothes That Don’t Fit Last year I wrote a post about me and my husband wearing smaller clothes to help us lose weight and not bother buying new clothes in bigger sizes. Now, doing this actually worked for my husband. He lost more weight and both the t-shirts he got fit him perfectly. But it […]

The Best Children’s Catalogues for Summer Clothing

Anyone with children of their own will know how expensive it is to take care of them. They get through clothes quicker than you could possibly imagine. They either destroy them by being rough, or they simply outgrow them. This guide will look at some of the best children’s catalogues for summer clothing so that […]

Girls Shoes My Daughter Would Love

My little girl Caitlin (6) has an amazing personality. She is both very girly but also a tomboy too. She loves to climb trees, get dirty making mud pies and play rough and tumble with her brothers. But she also likes to pretend she is a princess, plays with her ponies and dolls and loves […]

3 Different Summer Looks

I’ve put together 3 different summer looks. One is more of a glam or special occasion look, the other two are a more relaxed look suitable for wearing in the day time going shopping, on the beach or just chilling out in the back garden with a nice glass of something cool to refresh you. […]

How to Make a Peter Pan Collar {guest Post}

Hi, What’s up all you Serenity You fans! Today on this guest post, I decided to show you guys how to make my¬†FAVOURITE¬†accessory. Peter Pan Collars look so good I just love them. If you don’t know what Peter Pan Collars are I’ll show you a picture. The Picture: This is from Dolly Bow Bow. […]