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Celebrating 400 years since William Shakespeare

When I was at school I remember having to read William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It is the only book I have read of Shakespeare and I really loved it. I remember after reading dreaming out if I had someone I loved and our parents kept us apart and just how romantic it all was. […]

DIY Cupcake Stand

Happy Monday again, everyone! It’s Dani, hopping on over from Busy Mom’s Helper. I’ve got an uber awesome tutorial for your today…. a DIY Cupcake Stand! I love cute cupcakes, don’t you? One thing that can really destroy an adorable cupcake, though….the cupcake stand! I hate how expensive they are, though. So we made our […]

How to Make a Peter Pan Collar {guest Post}

Hi, What’s up all you Serenity You fans! Today on this guest post, I decided to show you guys how to make my FAVOURITE accessory. Peter Pan Collars look so good I just love them. If you don’t know what Peter Pan Collars are I’ll show you a picture. The Picture: This is from Dolly Bow Bow. […]

20 Easter Ideas!!!

Easter is on it’s way and today I thought I would share with you 20 Easter ideas that I have found that I think would be perfect to try out. From Easter Baskets to Easter Cakes and Easter Egg Button Art to really fun and cute Easter bunny hats. Come take a look and let […]

14 Valentine’s Crafts

Valentine’s heart to love wreath from Two Succulent Sisters Sweetheart Glitter Cottage from Sew Can Do Valentine Topiary from The NY Melrose Family Flower Heart Wreath from Bliss Bloom Blog Love Letters Art from One Tough Mom Paper Heart Valentines Wreath from Delicate Construction DIY Valentine Art from Sew Fantastic Valentine Heart Candle from Crafty Journal Valentine Washi tape Bottles from Vixen Made Valentine […]

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

I’ve already made a few smaller ones of these, but I think the bigger ones look at lot better I simply cut some cardboard into a heart shape and then wrapped pink yarn all the way around until it covers all the cardboard then hot glue the end at the back. These are great for […]

My Handmade Valentines Cards

Here are a few cards that I made last week for Valentines day To make this pretty and simple Valentine’s Day card is so easy. You just need a plain white card, pretty coloured paper and a small heart punch. Punch out loads of little hearts. I used pink and lilac. Than make a little […]

Mini Love Notes

Mini Love Notes These are just sooooo cute!! and are so easy to make. All you need is some pink and white paper 13cm x 4.5cm (or you could just use pink card) Simply glue the papers together to make them stronger and fold in half. Punch some small hearts out of white paper and […]

Halloween Notebooks

I just love Halloween! But I live in the UK, and not many people celabrate it. When i was a kid i used to love going treat or treating with my sister, but often not many people would open their doors. It’s the same now, quite a lot of people see it as begging. But […]