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My Dream Bedroom – Pink, White & Grey

When I first moved into my house, 10 years ago now, all the walls in every room where the same. Magnolia. The first rooms I decorated where by son’s room who was only 1 years old back then and the bathroom. Then we saved up some money and gave the living room a complete makeover. […]

My new bedside lamps

I really needed some bedside lamps in my bedroom. We just had the one on my husbands side of the bed, which was annoying as I like to read a bit before I go to sleep but my husband doesn’t like the light on. And not only that but the current lamp we had was […]

10 Ways to Organise Your Wardrobe

10 Ways to Organise Your Wardrobe   Empty it First thing’s first, take everything out of your closet. Drape it somewhere for the time being, or dump it all in a big pile. Whatever you do, don’t attempt to tackle this task without completely clearing out the closet space you’re going to organise. Similarly, don’t […]

Dormeo Memory Foam Mattress Review

I am just starting to decorated my daughter’s bedroom. She is now 5 and I first decorated in when I was pregnant with her before I knew whether I was having a girl or a boy. So we went for neutral colours and we decided on painting the walls in ‘Cookie Dough’. But now she […]

Updating your Bedroom for Spring

Are you looking to update your bedroom for spring? You don’t need to go all out and decorate your whole room. Just simply changes can make your room look completely different. Your bed is probably the biggest thing in your room, so changing the bed linen will instantly transform the look of your room. You […]