About me
Serenity you was founded in July 2011
My stats as of  3rd January 20151,685 followers via GFC
118 followers via Linky Followers
925 via Feedburner
2,670 followers via Bloglovin
5,999 followers via Facebook
6.919 followers via Pinterest
3,222 followers via Google+
6,620 followers via Twitter
872 followers via InstagramPage Rank = 4
DA = 42
PA = 52
Klout = 63
Sveve = 66
Tots100 = #11
Foodies100 = #29
Bloglovin Top Family Blogs = #37

32,000 – 40,000 Pages views a month

 1,286,082 Total page views


We are a family orientated site, so please bear this in mind if you would like to advertise with us.
So far we have been featured on over 60 blogs sometimes more than once, we link up to over 70 blogs a week.
I have also been awarded the Liebster Blog Award, Beautiful Blogger Award and The Versatile Blogger Award
Advertise Space
We would be happy to advertise any business or site as long as it’s appropriate for a family site.



All the money that I get for paid ads I use for buying ads on other sites.
Brands I have worked with include:
Tomy, Hasbro, Mattel, Slpy, Wall Stickers, Lionsgate, Lego, The Basket Company, My 1st Years, Lottie, Thorntons, Swizzels, Happy Egg Company, Chatty Feet, 3M, and many more.

Giveaways &  Reviews
If your site has a giveaway that you would like me to feature on my site just let me know
Also I can review your product, just send me one of your products and i will write a review on my blog and it would be nice if you could either included a free product for one of my readers as a giveaway or a discount for all my readers in your shop/site
Guest Posts/Sponsored Posts


If you have your own blog and would like you guest post on my blog, just email me at serenityyou@hotmail.co.uk it’s Free!! and great promotion for your blog.


Or if you have a site that sells things, you’re an individual guest poster for other sites or you want me to write the post then I do charge for this.
Or if you have any other ideas or suggestions just let me know
Please contact me on serenityyou@hotmail.co.uk for more information
I sometimes publish paid for sponsored or guest posts on my blog.
Some posts may contain affiliate links.
Even if I receive payment or I’m compensated for a review, giveaway, ad, post or other, All Opinions are 100% mine and I would not promote anything that I don’t approve of or would not use myself

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