Christmas Countdown

With Exactly 11 weeks to go to Christmas, I thought I’d try and get everyone in the mood and ready for the big day by making a Christmas page where you can link up all your amazing Christmas ideas!! Check it out at the top of the page!!! where it says ‘Christmas’!!! I just love Christmas!!! and not just the day it’s self but […]

Serenity Saturday : 10

Welcome to another Serenity Saturday!!!  I’ve been feeling so stressed this week, everything seems to be going wrong! First my netbook goes all funny and when i press letter e it types ey, when I type L it types >L. And it does the same with another 10 buttons! I don’t know how it happened but it’s […]

Foto Friday : Machines

This weeks Foto Friday is ‘Machines’ I had NO idea what to do for this photo!! I was thinking about it all week. Then just yesterday i was playing lego with my son making cars and tanks. And I thought ‘why not take a photo of this’, so i did. And here it is :

Oh No!!!

On no!! Somehow, I have lost all my links to all the link party a take part in in my link party page!! I don’t know how it happened! i went to add a new link party button on and there was only 4 link party buttons there, the others have completely disappeared!! So over the next few days I’ll be […]

Halloween ideas

Has it’s only a few weeks till Halloween I thought i would share with you some of the great Halloween ideas I’ve come across Halloween painted jar luminaries by Amanda at crafts by amanda Halloween pizzas from Papier mache floating ghost from Halloween hang ups from Lollipops in disguise from Eerie […]

Roald Dahl Day

    September 13th 2011 was Roald Dahl Day. I know it’s a bit late, but i just love Roald Dahl books and when I found this i just had to share it with someone. Get your hands on the Roald Dahl Day Packs here! There are lots of ways to have fun on Roald […]

Serenity Saturday : 9

I’ve been ill again this week!! so going to just relax on the sofa and watch a bit of telly and let my batteries recharge. We only had 6 link ups last week, which was a little dissapointing but hopefully this week will be a better. Kaitlin at not so simple housewife made these yummy Pumpkin […]


I just love owls!!! And resently there seems to be an owl trend. Everywhere i go, there’s owls. On kids clothes, toys, notebooks, cards and even blogs!! so here are my favourite owl blog posts. metal kitchen owls at focus on art painted owl rocks by Suzanne at suziebeezie Super cute owls from crumpled envelope […]

Serenity Saturday : 8

Welcome again to another Serenity Saturday!  And sorry for being a day late with this post, I don’t know how but i’ve lost a day somewhere. i thought it was Friday yesterday. What am i like!? l’d lose my head if it wasn’t screwed on This week i’m featuring babblings and more great chore chart   And […]

Ella’s Kitchen

I’ve been buying ella’s kitchen baby food pouches for my youngest child for a few months now, and he just loves them!! They have just brought out 5 new flavours and all are 100% organic and healthy NO added waterNO preservatives or thickenersNO E numbers or GMNO gluten, wheat, dairy or lactoseNO lumps or bits […]

Cleaning Caddy

I am very disorganized and can be quite messy. And I hate it!! I’d love to me more organized and tidy and that’s just what I’m trying to do! Under my kitchen sink is where i keep all my cleaning stuff, washing power, light bulbs, bin bags, nappy sacks, all sorts. Anyway, i was in […]

Serenity Saturday : 7

Welcome to again to Serenity Saturday! I loved all the post last week, but i’m only choosing two to be featured first up is Skinny Spinach dip from The hungry homebody I just love spinach, so will be trying out this recipe!! And second is Twig stars, by Kelsey from Kelsey inspired I think these are just […]

Gnocchi bolognese with spinach

Gnocchi bolognese with spinach´╗┐ Ingredients : 500g mince (i used quorn, as i’m a vegetarian) 400g spinach 500g pack of gnocchi 2 tins of chopped tomatoes with herbs 125g mozzarella 1. Fry the mince in some oil, until soft. Tip in both tins of tomatoes. Fill one can up with water and add to the […]

Take Away Menu Organiser

Me and my husband love to have a cheeky takeaway, but the menu’s always seem to be scatted about in drawers and take ages to find. But a few months ago i came across the Takeaway Menu Organiser. which is great! In the front there is space to write all the telephone numbers you need […]

Kids Craft Box

Over the summer holidays the kids have been drawing and painting lot’s of pictures. so much so that their craft stuff was ending up everywhere! So i decided to sort it all out. I brought a clear tub with a lid and placed everything inside. I put all the paper and card in a zip […]