My Find of the Week : The Ol’ Switcheroo

my find of the Week is The Ol’ Switcheroo Idea from Ray and JenBasically on January 1st you put all your hangers in your wardrobe backwards!Then when you wear something put it back the right way round. 6 Months later all the clothes that are on hangers facing backwards, donate them!You’ll be surprised how many items you don’t actually wear any more!!from Ray and Jen Like this […]

Serenity Saturday : 18

Hello!!!  I can’t believe were into December already!! Not long now till the Big day!! So excited!!! Keep your eyes peeled as next week I’ll be holding my first ever giveaway!!! we had 71 link up’s last week! The most so far!!  Let’s see if we can do even better this week!! Here are my favs Christmas […]

Foto Friday : Macro

This week’s theme for Foto friday  was macro/close up. I found these lovely little berries! Pin It Here are my Photo’s for Scavenger Hunt1. PortraitMy little boy took this photo himself Pin It 2. NostalgicMy Christmas tree from a few years ago, Photo isn’t very good as my little boy pulled on my leg as I was […]

My Lovely Sponsors

I’m so happy to share with you these great sponsors of my blog!!Please Take a look at some *And My Special Sponsor* Keep a look out as Next week I will be holding a fantastic giveaway!! With a chance to win some fabulous products from Bath Bomb Creations!! If you are at all interested in being a sponsor please take […]

Christmas Countdown : Top 10 Christmas Wrapping

My Top 10 Christmas Wrapping 1. Beautiful Bow from Eddie Ross 2. Newspaper and single letter tags from  Allora Handmade 3. Brown Paper & Red ribbon from Deck the Halls 4. Candy wrappers from Good Housekeeping 5. Monogram from Martha Stewart 6. Acorns from HobbyCraft 7. Monster wrap from Gabba Friends 8. Thank you Tubes from Family fun 9. Parcel Pressies […]

Toilet Roll Advent Calendar

I made an advent calendar this year for my kids. The first one I’ve ever made. Normally i buy the cheap £2 ones from the supermarket, you know them ones with the little chocolates behind the windows. But I’ve been inspired by all the handmade advent calendar I’ve seen. The one I’ve made is based on two calendars I featured on my post […]

Clean Mama’s Printables

I love Becky’s Clean Mama’a blog and I just love her Printables that she has in her Etsy shop! So as you can imagine i got quite a bit excited when on 22nd November she gave her readers an opportunity to get up to $5 worth of free printables!!! This was an opportunity i couldn’t miss! All she wanted me to […]

Serenity Saturday : 17

Welcome to another Serenity Saturday! Hoped you all had a great Thanksgiving here are my favs Christmas tree ornaments by Tiki from Ribbons, Lace and Inspiration Game Board Quilt from Lil Miss Red T-shirt And the post that got the most views was : Book Page Rose Wreath by Aimee from Twigg Studios If you have been featured […]

Christmas Extras

With Christmas just around the corner it time to get all those extra christmas bit you need.I love making my own christmas decorations, but Firstly I’m not that creative and secondly I just haven’t got the time to make them. So I cheat a little and go out and buy them. There are just so many gorgeous […]

Christmas Countdown : Top 10 Christmas Treats

My Top 10 Christmas Treats 1. Marshmallow Snowmen by Dusti’s Cupcakes on Flickr 2. Santa Party Mix by Shelly at Cookies and Cups 3. Edible Fruit Tree by PJ at Ginger and Garlic 4. Gingerbread Truffles from Me and My Pink Mixer 5. Melted Snowman Cookies at Crazy Domestic 6. Reindeer Pop Treats by Amy at The Idea Room 7. Snowflake Cupcakes […]

My Find of the Week : The Jar of Nothing

My Find of the Week is The Jar of Nothing!!  from Craft Bits It’s basically an empty jar with a sticker on that says ‘The Jar of Nothing’!This would make the perfect Christmas present for my dad. I’m fed up of buying things that people don’t really want, so I asked my dad what would he like for Christmas and every year […]

Stocking Fillers

Looking for ideas has to what to get this Christmas for those little stocking fillers?  Then take at look at these great ideas!! Snowmen gum By Kerry at Kerry’s Craft Blog Game Night in a Bag by Janet from  Today’s Fabulous Finds  playdough stress balloons by Charlotte at Make Do and Friend Paint Sample notebooks from Crab Apple […]

Serenity Saturday : 16

Welcome to Serenity Saturday! There were some great post last week!!! here are my favs Kathi at South Bay Studio made these beautiful cards from a painting done by her mother  Mindie at Bacon Time had these two great post. I couldn’t decide which i liked best so i’m featuring them both. DIY Snowmen Bottles and  DIY Snowmen Earrings The the post […]