Christmas Countdown : Top 10 Advent Calendars
My Top 10 Advent Calendars 1. Baby Sock Advent Calendar from Martha Stewart 2. Tin Magnets Advent Calendar by Jessie at Narrating Life 3. A Cone-iferous Advent from Family Fun   4. Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar from Somewhat Muddled Musings 5. Santa’s Beard Advent from bp.blogspot 6. Felt Christmas Tree Advent by Katie at So Happy 7. Toilet Paper Roll …
My find of the week : Fragile Photo Leaves
My Find Of The Week this week are these stunning photo leaves. I found them over at The Modern MournerThese are made my Miranda Van Dijk and she also sell these in her Etsy Shop. Go and take a look these are just beautiful! and she also does custom orders.
*Project Pink*    Breast Cancer Awareness
{Project Pink} is a fun and touching day that Marilyn at The Artsy Girl Connection as put together toreach as many bloggers as we can to dedicate our blogs to Breast Cancer For A DAY.I am hoping to recruit as many blogger’s as I can to simply Feature a blog postdedicated to the cause. A Fun Day Of Pink projects {Crafts, Food, TouchingStories, Photography and Inspirations} ALL PINK ACROSS OURBLOGS FOR ONE DAY To raise awareness and show WE CARE!OVER 60 BLOGS ARE …
Serenity Saturday : 13
hi, welcome to another Serenity Saturday.How’s everyone’s week been? Mines been really busy with the kids of school and they’ve all been driving me nutty!!! Can’t wait till Monday when they go back.It was My little girl’s birthday on Tuesday. She turned 2!! I can’t believe how quick time as gone, only seems a few months ago she was learning to crawl. …
Halloween Notebooks
I just love Halloween! But I live in the UK, and not many people celabrate it. When i was a kid i used to love going treat or treating with my sister, but often not many people would open their doors. It’s the same now, quite a lot of people see it as begging. But their just a bunch of …
Christmas Countdown : Top 10 Wreaths
My Top 10 Wreaths 1. Snowball Wreath by Tia & Andrea at Two Junk Chix2. Ball Wreath by Becky at Matt and Becky3. Aqua Snowman Wreath by Nancy at The Bakers Daughter – Etsy Shop4. Winter wreath by Chris at Just a Girl5. 3D Paper star wreath from Little Birdie Secrets 6. Berry Wreath by Colette at Ever Blooming Original – Etsy Shop 7. Heart shaped …
Toddler Bed re-do
A few weeks ago i moved my little girl out of her cot and into a toddler bed. We had an old white toddler bed that used to be my eldest sons. But it looked like it wasn’t loved sitting in the back of my gloomy shed. It needed a new lease of life. So i got painting it. Decided we wanted …
Foto Friday : Leaves & Orange
This week’s foto friday theme at La-La’s Home Daycare is ‘orange’.  I couldn’t find anything orange except some oranges!  And I forgot to link up last week to foto friday, so here are last weeks pictures with the theme ‘leaves’ Next week’s theme is ‘Kids & Fall’  Hosted by Cecily and Lolli
Serenity Saturday : 12
Hi and welcome to another week of Serenity Saturday! This week as been a really busy week for me, trying to catch up with all the washing I couldn’t do last week when the power was out. And I think this week is going to be even more busier as my 6 year year old if off school for half …
freebie : Atkins bar
Get a free Atkins bar, quick start guide and some useful tools when you register with Atkins Click here to register  available worldwide
Facebook fans : freebies
Follow my blog with Bloglovin                                                                                                                                                hi, If you haven’t joined my facebook page what are you waiting for?! Join now by clinking on the link on the right of this page to keep up to date with my blog post and also links to free sample and things!!If your already a fan of my facebook page, did you take up the …
Christmas Countdown : Top 10 Cards
My Top 10 Christmas Cards 1. Thumbprint Raindeer Card by Jill at Meet The Dubiens 2. Paint Chip Tree Cards by Angela Sgro at Angela Sgro Designs 3. Dasher in the Snow by Suen at Split Coast Stampers 4. O’ Christmas tree cards by Melissa at Papertrey Ink  5. Noel Card from Hobbycraft 6. Button Tree Card by Carly at …
My find of the week : Easy Tiny Envelopes
Each week I’m going to post my find of the week And this week is these little gorgeous tiny envlopes by Ruth Bleakley who guest posted the tutorial at Poppytalk Guest posted at Poppytalk Ruth Bleakley from ruthbleakley
Reward Points
family activities
My eldest child is now 6, he used to have a reward chart for good behavior and the chance to get a sticker everyday. He used to love this and and do his best. But recently he’s been coming home from school and asking me for pocket money as all his friends get it. So he’d finally outgrown his sticker …
Serenity Saturday : 11
Hello and welcome to another Serenity Saturday. I haven’t been able to post for a few days as a power sub station had a fire and cut all the electricity to our home and over 34,000 more! We are all now on emergency generators and don’t know how long it will be until were back on the main power. I’m just glad it’s on now …
Advertise you blog
Do you want to get more traffic? Then way not advertise you blog on my blog?! Just for October I am offering a special discount of just 50p a month or £4 for the whole year!! for this you get to place your blog button on the right hand side of my blog, and this will be shown on every …
Christmas Countdown
With Exactly 11 weeks to go to Christmas, I thought I’d try and get everyone in the mood and ready for the big day by making a Christmas page where you can link up all your amazing Christmas ideas!! Check it out at the top of the page!!! where it says ‘Christmas’!!! I just love Christmas!!! and not just the day it’s self but all the excitement of the build up …
Serenity Saturday : 10
Welcome to another Serenity Saturday!!!  I’ve been feeling so stressed this week, everything seems to be going wrong! First my netbook goes all funny and when i press letter e it types ey, when I type L it types >L. And it does the same with another 10 buttons! I don’t know how it happened but it’s taking me ages to write …
Foto Friday : Machines
This weeks Foto Friday is ‘Machines’ I had NO idea what to do for this photo!! I was thinking about it all week. Then just yesterday i was playing lego with my son making cars and tanks. And I thought ‘why not take a photo of this’, so i did. And here it is :
Oh No!!!
On no!! Somehow, I have lost all my links to all the link party a take part in in my link party page!! I don’t know how it happened! i went to add a new link party button on and there was only 4 link party buttons there, the others have completely disappeared!! So over the next few days I’ll be added all the buttons. So …
Halloween ideas
Has it’s only a few weeks till Halloween I thought i would share with you some of the great Halloween ideas I’ve come across Halloween painted jar luminaries by Amanda at crafts by amanda Halloween pizzas from Papier mache floating ghost from Halloween hang ups from Lollipops in disguise from Eerie cobwebs from xxx
Roald Dahl Day
    September 13th 2011 was Roald Dahl Day. I know it’s a bit late, but i just love Roald Dahl books and when I found this i just had to share it with someone. Get your hands on the Roald Dahl Day Packs here! There are lots of ways to have fun on Roald Dahl Day, and the packs below …
Serenity Saturday : 9
I’ve been ill again this week!! so going to just relax on the sofa and watch a bit of telly and let my batteries recharge. We only had 6 link ups last week, which was a little dissapointing but hopefully this week will be a better. Kaitlin at not so simple housewife made these yummy Pumpkin spice latte cupcakes babblings and …
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