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Serenity Saturday : 3

just want to say sorry for this link up party being a day late, i’ve just been sooooo busy this weekend! thank you to everyone who linked up this week. But i have to say the blog post that caught my eye this week was At home with Mrs H about the London riots, and the […]

Serenity Saturday : 2

second week of serenity saturday. I have to say, last week was  bit of a dissapointment, only 3 entries and two of them were mine! LOLso here’s this weeks featured post:  Ocean Number Puzzles at Nurturing Naters so lets see what we get this week!

5 a day books

I’ve started doing the 5 a day books, but my eldest who is 6 get’s fed up of reading the same 5 books a day, so i’ve just been reading him 2 a day and a choice of whatever he wants. And reading my 21 month old little girl 3 a day. Here are our […]

Serenity Saturday : 1

Welcome to my first Serenity Saturday! A place to add your link up to a craft, kids project, recipe, scrapbook idea or any other great ideas you have come up with!! Rules : you can link anything you want! only rule is that you place my link button on your post. My link button is […]

My Recipe Folder

I’ve got loads of cookbooks, magazines, printouts and bits of paper of recipes cluttering my kitchen cupboard up, so i decided to make a recipe folder of just my favourites. I brought a cheap A6 photo album and printed some recipes cards on paper from free printable. Then just wrote out all my favourites recipes and […]

21 Day Challenge : tupperware drawer

day 3 of the 21 Day Challenge is the tupperware cabinet. Well mine’s in a drawer, here it is : which as you can see also contains my torch, smoothie maker swirler thing, spare candles and my water jug for my iron. This to me is quite organized, so i just left it the way it […]

21 Day Challenge : Desk

It’s been a few days since i started the 21 Day Challenge . okay, over a week. I’ve just been so busy recently. Day 2 of the challenge is the Desk. and my desk is ALWAYS messy! i hate it being like this and wish i was more organised with it. As i didn’t have much time […]

Summer Diary

When I was little I used to always make a summer diary and I’ve just got them all out of the attic! The things I used say! LOL. Anyway I thought that this might be a good thing to do with my eldest son, 6.  I only made a simple version as we didn’t have […]

My Home Management Folder

On my way to organise my life and home I’ve decided to make an home management folder. i got the idea from Organized home and also most of the printable sheets. first of all i brought a plain black folder priced at £1.50, and some colourful dividers for £1.99 The first section in my folder is […]

21 Day Challenge

I’m taking the  21 Day Challenge that was made by Toni over at A bowl full of lemons. The challenge is to organize one bit of your home at a time. And if your like me this can be hard because i want to have a lovely organized home but I’m a little bit of a […]

My first post!!

This is my very first post! so bare with me. I’m hoping that this blog with have information on healthy eating, recipes, kids crafts, money saving offers, great ideas, inspiration, all sorts really!! I’m a full time mum to 3 children aged 6, 1 and 6 months. money is tight, so I’m always on the […]