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I Love Candle and Reed Diffusers

I love scented candles. I always have one burning in autumn and winter has it just makes my home feel really cosy. And it’s a perfect to hygge out your home. I am always trying out new brands and different scents too. I while ago I was sent out a few goodies from I Love. […]

Frenetic Board Game Review + Giveaway

We was sent out these new board game called ‘Frenetic‘. It looked really hard at first, but it’s really easy to play. The board is actually the Periodic table and you have to make words using the chemical element symbols.   FReNeTiC™ is a fast and furious new word game for two or more players that uses element symbols […]

July’s Review Round Up

It’s been a while since my last review round up. I have been having a few family problems over the last few months and obviously family comes before my work and blog. So everything has been put on hold and I have been very slowly trying to get through all the reviews and blog post […]

My Very First Triyit Box

A few weeks ago I applied for a free Triyit Box, and was one of the lucky ones picked to receive a box. These boxes are still in the Beta stage, so are limited at the moment.     Here’s a quick video of me opening the box and seeing what I got inside:   […]

Bananagrams Game Review #BoardGameClub

Our latest game we received as part of being a Board Game Blogger was Bananagrams. I have seen this game around and even had a little play of it last year when I went to the Blog On conference. I just love that it comes in a banana shaped bag instead of a standard box, […]

May’s Review Round Up

I forgot to do a review round up post in April, so we will just jump straight into May’s review round up post instead. I have just received  couple of things this week but I thought I would include them in next months post as you really need to try them over a week or […]

March’s Review Round Up post

It’s been a few months since I last did one of these review round up posts. I have only reviewed a few items since Christmas, then just over the last 2 weeks I have had loads of things come trough my letterbox to try out.  so lets take a look, shall we.   Teletubbies Easter […]