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Tracker Milk Drinks Review + Giveaway

Mars have brought out some yummy new milk drinks out called Tracker. They come in two delicious flavours, Chocolate Chip and Golden Syrup. These milk drinks are made with cereals and help you to stay fuller for longer.   I really enjoyed both of these, but I think my favourite was the golden syrup one. […]

Little Dish – Proper Food for Kids

Little Dish make yummy meals for kids and toddlers. They are made with 100% natural ingredients, are low in salt, have no added sugar and no additives or preservatives.  And they have just added a new meal to their toddler range. The toddler range is for kids aged 1-3 years and are perfect portion sizes for […]

Blueberry Suckies Review

  The Collective Dairy sent us out some new Blueberry Suckies to try out. They are made from yoghurt and fresh fruit and come in pouches of squeezey yumminess.     Me and my 3 kids all tried one each. And being completely honest I didn’t really think that me or the kids I would […]

Manomasa Tortilla Chips

I got to try out some new Manomasa tortilla chips. Each flavour come in a different shape chip. Thee 4 flavours to choose from are Manchego & Green Olive, Chipotle & Lime, Tomatillo Salsa and Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper. The Chipotle & Lime was my least favourite, a little bit too spicy for […]

Pick Up review + Giveaway

  We was recently sent a few packs of the new Pick up! bars from Bahlsen. They are thick white chocolate coated between two dark crisp biscuits. We have tried the milk chocolate ones before and really liked them, and these black ‘N white ones are just as nice. I really like that the chocolate […]


Lushice are yummy are frozen sorbets with a hint of alcohol in delicious cocktail flavours. This are perfect for after dinner desserts and with just a touch of alcohol they are perfect for adults. Lushice comes in 4 flavours – Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, Mojito and Margarita. I tried out the Pina Colada and Strawberry […]

New Limited Edition Strawberry Weetabix

  Weetabix have launched a new limited edition flavour – Strawberry Weetabix me and my kids got to try these out and I must say they are delicious. We love weetabix in our house and that is what the kids have most mornings. They always have a little bit of sugar on top, but with […]

December’s DegustaBox

I got December’s Degustabox a bit earlier than normal, but haven’t had time to share it will you has I have been busy and spending some time with my family over Christmas. To be honest, I was a little bit disappointed in this months box. Thought it could have been more Christmasy. Maybe a Christmas […]

Erlenbacher’s Christmas Offerings

I received a few slices of cake from Erlenbacher’s. I got two types, Fruits of the forest tart and Strawberry Vanilla Cake. I couldn’t try any of these cakes, as I’m a vegetarian and both cakes contained gelatin. So I left the tasting to my husband and three kids My kids found the fruits of […]

9bar Breakfast Bars

I received a bundle of yummy breakfast bars from 9bar. They came in 4 different flavours : Almond & Raspberry Apricot & Strawberry Cashew & Cocoa Peanut & Raisin They are made with loads of healthy stuff like seeds and oats. They are perfect for breakfast time has they are high in slow release energy […]

Novemeber’s Degustabox

I’m a bit late in posting up what was in the November Winter Degustabox. Been so busy trying to get Christmas sorted and me, my husband and kids have all been taking it in turns to get ill. Anyway first out of the box was this Montano cider. This is made from apples grown in […]

Trying Out Some Japanese Miso Paste

I was sent out some Japanese organic miso paste. I had never heard of this before and was unsure what to do with it. The main thing you can make with this is miso soup, but a didn’t really like the sound of that as it is very watery. I thought I would add some […]

New Mars Chocolate Products!

Me and the rest of my family got to try out some brand new products from Mars. I was really excited when I opened the box to find lot’s of yummy goodies, as you all know how much I love chocolate. First we tried the Galaxy and Bounty Cookies. They were yummy. We liked the […]