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Fun with Playmobil Easter Eggs

Playmobil Easter Eggs

  As you may know, we are big fans of Playmobil in our house. And we have quite a few sets now. In fact both Caitlin and Aaron have a big massive tub each just for their Playmobil toys. With Easter just a few week away, we were sent out two of their Easter Eggs. […]

Yummy Easter Treats 2017

My second favourite holiday after Christmas has got to be Easter. My kids have eggs from me, their auntie, Nana and grandma, so they get at least 4 eggs each, while me on the other hand gets nothing. Each year I always say I will treat myself to a nice luxury egg, but it never […]

Non Chocolate Easter Gifts

I love chocolate!! But often find that there seems to be way too much of it about around Easter. So if you want to cut down on your sugar intake why not treat yourself or a loved one to one of these non chocolate Easter Gifts.       Wish list Bashful Bunny from John […]

Easter Treats from Hotel Chocolat

I was first introduced to Hotel Chocolat last year when I was asked to review one of their Sleekster boxes. I fell in love with them, they were the best chocolates I have ever tasted, no lie. I even got my mum to buy me some of their chocolates for Christmas, so when Hotel Chocolat […]

Yellow Moon Easter Themed Crafts

Me kids really look forward to receive their Yellow Moon craft bundles and this time it was Easter themed!! This bundle of Yellow Moon Easter themed crafts contained some really great items. Easter Grass (tissue paper) £2.45 Spring basket Kits – pk 8 – £2.95 Mini Glitter Eggs – pk 100 – £2.50 Easter dotty […]

Playmobil Easter Bunny School Set

I can’t believe we are in February already! It only seems like yesterday it was Christmas. And Easter Eggs started appearing in shops over 2 weeks ago. So now is the time to get your Easter sorted. If you are fed up with all the chocolate you know your child is going to receive, then […]

Easter Chocolate Egg Nests

You can’t celebrate Easter without making some yummy Chocolate Egg Nests with the kids. I had no chocolate in the cupboards, so I sent my eldest down to the local  corner shop to buy some milk chocolate. But he said they didn’t have no plain milk chocolate so he brought a bar of fruit and […]

Easter Egg Surprise Kids Craft

Easter Egg Surprise My little boy Aaron, made this Easter Egg surprise for me at nursery last week. It is just so sweet and really easy to make so I thought I would share it with you. All you need it to cut out an egg shape from some thick paper and cut in half […]

Yummy Easter Egg Treats 2015

  This year there is loads of yummy Easter treats to choose from. This year I have brought the most Eggs that I have ever brought, and I also brought some for me and my husband, which is a first. There is still time to buy your Easter eggs, even online. Here are few I […]

Thorntons Chocolate Easter Eggs

I love Chocolate! But Thorntons Chocolates are one of my favourites. I received a Easter Egg bundle to try out and I received all of the above . The bundle is worth £30 and worth every penny! I am saving the Butterfly one and football ones for my youngest two kids. My 9 year old […]

Resist Art with Easter Eggs

Yesterday I showed you the resist art I did with my kids. Today we did the same kind of thing, but on eggs. to make these you will need : eggs (hard boiled or blown) cup of water food colouring vinegar scissors Magic Scotch Tape kitchen paper 1. Take your blown or hard boiled eggs. […]

Looking for that perfect Easter Gift?

Have you brought your kids their Easter gifts yet? I haven’t yet. My kids actually prefer to get just a chocolate Easter egg than a toy Cute Easter gifts by serenityyou on Polyvore 1. Large Roxy Rabbit £16.00 | 2. Nestling Eggs £5.00 | 3. Thornton’s Chocolate Butterfly Egg £3.00 | 4. Thornton’s Chocolate Football Egg £3.00 | 5. Smarties Little […]

20 Easter Ideas!!!

Easter is on it’s way and today I thought I would share with you 20 Easter ideas that I have found that I think would be perfect to try out. From Easter Baskets to Easter Cakes and Easter Egg Button Art to really fun and cute Easter bunny hats. Come take a look and let […]