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Last Year’s Advent Calendar

This is the advent calendar that I made last year My Toilet Roll Advent Calendar This is also one of my most viewed postsTake a look here to see how I made it And check back tomorrow to see my advent I made for this year Linking to some of these great parties

What Santa Brought 2011

This Christmas we (me & hubby) said we wouldn’t spend that much on Christmas presents for the kids. We just got them 1 main present and a few smaller ones. Well that’s what we planned anyway! My 6 year old son, Ryan, got a Nintendo DS with moshi monsters game and club penguin game. He’s been on […]

My Favourite Christmas Songs

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas!!!So what better why to get everyone in the Christmas spirit, by listening to a few Christmas songs!!! And here are some of my favourites!!! And this one is the one I used to always sing as a kid Like this Post? Then please vote for me

A Little bit of Joy

I’m not very good at crafting even though I really enjoy it, so I tend to stick to the simple things to make. And here’s one of my easy to make Christmas Cards that I made and i’m soo proud of! To make this I glued some red paper to some card stock. Then on […]

My Christmas Tree 2011

This year I wanted to buy new decorations, but money has been very tight so will just have to wait till next year. So this year we did our tree lilac and silver! The last few years it has been red, green & gold. But we’ve gone back to what we had originally. In fact All […]

12 Day’s of Christmas Holiday Party

Hi everyone!! Today I’m taking part in everything under the moon’s 12 Day’s of Christmas Holiday Party!!Showing you how to make 3 easy and simple Christmas cards So go and take a little look and check out all the other great posts too! Like this Post? Then please vote for me

Christmas Countdown : Top 10 Christmas Wrapping

My Top 10 Christmas Wrapping 1. Beautiful Bow from Eddie Ross 2. Newspaper and single letter tags from  Allora Handmade 3. Brown Paper & Red ribbon from Deck the Halls 4. Candy wrappers from Good Housekeeping 5. Monogram from Martha Stewart 6. Acorns from HobbyCraft 7. Monster wrap from Gabba Friends 8. Thank you Tubes from Family fun 9. Parcel Pressies […]

Toilet Roll Advent Calendar

I made an advent calendar this year for my kids. The first one I’ve ever made. Normally i buy the cheap £2 ones from the supermarket, you know them ones with the little chocolates behind the windows. But I’ve been inspired by all the handmade advent calendar I’ve seen. The one I’ve made is based on two calendars I featured on my post […]