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Pregnancy Must Haves

Pregnancy must haves Pregnancy is an exciting time and it’s easy to get carried away with purchasing unnecessary items to get you through what can sometimes be a difficult time. I have shortened the list and come up with pregnancy must have essentials that will not only make your wallet happy, but will help to […]

How to Find a Last Minute Babysitter

Me and my husband don’t really go out that often. He works Friday and Saturday nights so we have never really gone out to pubs or clubs at the weekend. We do always go out for a meal together every year on our anniversary and my mum will babysit my 3 kids. For new Years […]

Nutrition and Exercise Tips for New Mums

Exercise and nutrition for new mums

Here are some great post-pregnancy nutrition and exercise tips for new mothers.     Exercise How much exercise you need to do depends on your medical history, level of fitness, obstetrical cause, and how you are recovering. Some women may find themselves able to handle exercise within a matter of days, while others could have […]

Celebrating Kids Achievement

Celebrating Kids Achievement. Everyone loves to be acknowledged when they accomplish something. We all want to know someone sees that we are trying, learning, and growing. This is true for children and adults. However, we adults sometimes forget that the achievements of a child, though they seem minor to us, are major to them. The […]

Baby Proofing Your Home

Baby Proofing Your Home From the moment you give birth to your baby they become your number one priority in life, and you will do anything you can to protect them. But often even the simplest things around the home can be a danger to babies. The most important thing that you should have in […]

My Top 5 Bath Toys

my top 5 bath toys

  My three kids have all kinds of toys over the years but one kind of toy that they still play with now are bath toys. My eldest is now 11 and he isn’t bothered about them, though we do have some squirty ducks that he will play out in the garden with, chasing his […]

How to Pick the Right Shoes for Your Child

How to pick the right shoes for your child Raising a child is a great experience, but the responsibilities that come with it are staggering. From feeding to clothing your bundle of joy, there’s an endless list of things to get sorted. Fortunately, footwear is quite an easy thing to arrange. Most children don’t start […]

How Well Can Your Baby See?

I knew babies couldn’t see clearly when they were young, but I always thought they could she everything clearly by the time they were around 4 months old. Well, it seems that I was quite a few months off, has a baby vision isn’t fully developed until there are a year old. I was really […]

A List of Everything a Baby Needs

My little niece is 6 months old now and the time has just flown by. She is just the cutest little baby you have ever seen and she is always smiling. Everyone keeps asking if I’m getting broody and if me and my husband will ever have any more. I already have three children the […]

Do Your Teens Get Easily Distracted/Bored? 4 Ways Parental Controls Can Help Them Focus More!

If you are parenting 21st-century teens then you should be aware of two terms: the ADHD and SCT. The ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’ and the ‘Sluggish Cognitive Tempo Disorder’ both are so common among teens and the reason is quite obvious: too much information, distracted routines, extensive screen times and their virtual world continuously interfering […]