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kids active play ideas

Parents, caregivers and teachers all help young children learn how to count to 5, how to spell their name, cook with them, read with them and do arts and crafts with them. These things are all important, But some forget how important it is for preschool children to be physically active. Along with all the other activities you should do […]

Reward Points

My eldest child is now 6, he used to have a reward chart for good behavior and the chance to get a sticker everyday. He used to love this and and do his best. But recently he’s been coming home from school and asking me for pocket money as all his friends get it. So […]

Summer Diary

When I was little I used to always make a summer diary and I’ve just got them all out of the attic! The things I used say! LOL. Anyway I thought that this might be a good thing to do with my eldest son, 6.  I only made a simple version as we didn’t have […]