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My Command Center + Linky

Here is my command center. Nothing fancy, but it does the job. It’s on the side of our fridge in the kitchen right were everyone walks past multiple times a day. So no excuses that they didn’t know about that chore or what was going on that day! On the front side of the fridge […]

Cleaning Notes

Am I the only one who hates cleaning?No, good. I absolutely hate it! I have to force myself to do it. But I do love having a nice clean and tidy home, just coming downstairs in the morning to find it all nice and tidy just puts me in a good mood. Are you like me and […]

Our Lost Socks

I have seen quite a few lost sock signs around blogland and pinterest and I’ve been wanting to make my own for months now but still haven’t got around to doing it. With our missing odd sock pile growing it was time to make something temporarily until I do manage to get around to making a proper […]

Spice Rack Ideas

My herb and spice rack is a mess and so boring!! it’s just standing on the kitchen side, blocking my view out the window! The only wall space I have in my kitchen is either near my door that leads to the living room, but I normally have my calender there, or above the cooker. But I don’t think that’s such a good […]

10 Simple Tips to Keep your House Tidy

I really struggle to keep my house clean and tidy. Mainly because I HATE cleaning!! But I’ve been trying some ideas out and so far they are workingEveryday I do my normal everyday chores like washing the pots, hoovering etc.. But I always feel like I didn’t have enough time to do all the other things that needed doing around the house. That’s where tip number […]

Scrapbook Paper Shoe Boxes

I saw these lovely fabric covered cardboard boxes at sew fantastic and on pinterest. And I thought that the they would make cute storage boxes for my kids shoes. We have a shoe rack in our hallway but the kids always just throw their shoes everywhere, so I started using boxes. But the boxes didn’t look that great, I have […]

Journal 10+ (Review)

Last week I received it the post a journal to review.I was so excited as i just love journals. But this is no ordinary journal, this is a 10 year + journal!! There are just 4 lines to write something everyday for the next 10 years! If you don’t like writing and keeping journals, don’t worry, because […]

Need a New Diary?

With the year drawing to a close and a New one about to begin, it’s time for a nice new diary These are from NEXT and are all only £6 each This gorgeous Cupcake Organiser is from Next and only £5 Disney Fairies Secret Diary       Hello Kitty Friendship Diary  From Waterstones £7.80 […]

My Find of the Week : The Ol’ Switcheroo

my find of the Week is The Ol’ Switcheroo Idea from Ray and JenBasically on January 1st you put all your hangers in your wardrobe backwards!Then when you wear something put it back the right way round. 6 Months later all the clothes that are on hangers facing backwards, donate them!You’ll be surprised how many items you don’t actually wear any more!!from Ray and Jen Like this […]

Clean Mama’s Printables

I love Becky’s Clean Mama’a blog and I just love her Printables that she has in her Etsy shop! So as you can imagine i got quite a bit excited when on 22nd November she gave her readers an opportunity to get up to $5 worth of free printables!!! This was an opportunity i couldn’t miss! All she wanted me to […]

Printable to-do list

I came across this really cute printable from  I’m always making lists. To-do lists, shopping list, gift lists, ideas lists, things i want list, the list is endless (LOL). But I have ended up with sheets of paper every where. So i need to do something about it and to keep them more organized. So […]