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Buying My First Car

Neither me or my husband can drive. We are 32 and 30, with 3 kids and have to rely on public transport or my dad. It can be a bit embarrassing having to ask my take to take me somewhere at my age, so I have decided to take my driving lessons again. I say […]

Financial Advice my Parents Gave Me

I grew up with my sister and mum always being at home with my dad out working, 6-7 days a week. He was self-employed and worked mainly has a dry stone waller but also did other jobs like garden, helping out on a few farms, which included sheep shearing and feeding the animals, along with […]

Get Rewarded with an Avios Credit Card

    Do you use a credit card? Most of us do nowadays. Paying the bills, shopping, holidays or even to treat ourselves. But did you know that some credit cards reward you for using them? Some cards reward you with cashback, some travel miles , some others with points or vouchers. I have just […]