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The Best Flooring for DIYers?

The Best Flooring for DIYers?     It is always a fantastic feeling when you have the time and money available to rejuvenate the interior design of your home. One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve the appearance of your home is to install Engineered Wood flooring. However, I am far from […]

Attainable Healthy Cooking for the Beginner Cook

Attainable Healthy Cooking for the Beginner Cook     Let’s face it: not everyone likes to cook. While some see cooking as a creative process and gain a sense of fulfillment after whipping up a dish, others see the cooking as cruel and unusual punishment. For people with a fear of cooking, making a meal […]

Are Wooden Worktops High Maintenance?

Are wooden worktops high maintenance? Offering plenty of character, rustic charm and natural warmth, it’s easy to see why wood has long been a favourite material to use in kitchens. However, many homeowners are put off using solid wood for their kitchen surfaces, believing that it is too impractical for busy family life. If you […]

Cleaning Up with Plenty

  I have never been a fan of kitchen roll and always use baby wipes to clean up the bits of toast of my kitchen side or the spilt weetabix on my dining table. But then I tried Plenty wipes. The great thing about these wipes is that they are a lot thicker and bigger […]

Beautiful Mini Heart Garden Lights

I have recently become a blogger ambassador for Valuelights. I have been following them for a while on twitter and they have some really night lights. From garden lights to ceiling light and desk lights to disco balls! There is something on their suitable for every need. As part of being a blogger ambassador I […]

The State of My Garden!

I have lived at my current house for 9 years and our garden is a right state! Seriously! We haven’t done anything to it because we just don’t know where to start and the fact that money is tight. When we first moved in there was an orange plastic netting used as a fence, and […]

Ideas for Decorating my Bedroom

I’m hoping to re-decorate my bedroom later this year. At the moment it is pink. I was going for a dusky pink but when the paint was on the wall looks much brighter. I don’t like it, so want to redo it. I’m thinking maybe grey, with either pale pink or plum. I need new […]

Child Drowning Dangers and How to Prevent Them {guest post}

Having a swimming pool is fun for the entire family, but there are risks involved as well. Accidental drowning is one of the most common dangers associated with swimming pools. There are several precautions a homeowner can take to prevent children and even adults from being a victim. Adequate Lighting Inground pools should have adequate […]

Twig Stars

I’ve seen quite a few twig stars on Pinterest and thought I’d have a go at making some myself as they look really pretty in the garden. All you need to make these are 5 twigs approx the same size, or just cut some to size. Place them in a 5 point star shape and […]

Handmade Twig Wreath

I love to get all cosy in winter and just sit on my sofa with a hot chocolate under a blanket and having pretty things around my house to looks at. I like to bring nature inside the house so I decided to make a lovely wreath from things that I had found in my […]