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What Should Be In Your Bathroom But Probably Isn’t

What Should be in Your Bathroom but Probably Isn’t If you have functional features like a toilet, sink, shower or bath, then you’re half way to creating your dream bathroom. However, there are several things which can be added to take the functionality of this room to the next level. These can be small adjustments […]

How to Keep your Car Maintained in Winter

How to maintain your car in winter

  Keeping your car in tip-top condition is really important, but is especially important to make sure your car is well maintained in winter. I have only just passed my driving test last weekend and got my very first car. It’s an oldish car, a year 2000 Seat Leon. It has had only one previous […]

Effective Home Cleaning – Working with Maid Services

Effective Home Cleaning- Working with Maid Services A clean and organized home creates a strong foundation for other areas of your life. People spend a significant amount of time in their homes and the cleanliness of where they live can have a tremendous impact on their overall wellbeing.     Reasons for Professional Cleaning If […]

The Best Ways to Solve Disputes with your Neighbours

The Best Ways to Solve Disputes with your Neighbours.   From arguments over noise to disagreements about boundary walls and overhanging branches, there’s no shortage of things to fall out with our neighbours about. So, what should you do if you find yourself in a dispute with the people living next door? Here, we look […]

Songmics White Desk Review

My daughter Caitlin has been after a desk for a while now. She loves to write her own stories and prefers to write them at a desk father than on her bed or floor. She was using an old small cupboard with the doors removed temporarily, until I could get her a proper desk. So […]

Making Your House Solar-Powered

Making Your House Solar-Powered Solar powered homes were a rarity just ten years ago. Now they’re everywhere. Better technology, cheaper panels, and supportive tax incentives have pushed solar power into the mainstream. Considering the impact solar power has on the environment, this is the sort of tech revolution that reignites your faith in humanity. The […]

How to Prepare Your House for a Sale

‘Staging’ a house is a real estate agent’s term for decorating for viewers. Essentially, you’re making the house look worth buying rather than just neat and tidy for guests. Staging a house for a quick move now is as much of an art as it is a science. So, here’s everything you need to know […]

My Dream Bedroom – Pink, White & Grey

When I first moved into my house, 10 years ago now, all the walls in every room where the same. Magnolia. The first rooms I decorated where by son’s room who was only 1 years old back then and the bathroom. Then we saved up some money and gave the living room a complete makeover. […]

How to Switch from Oil to LPG

How to Switch from Oil to LPG   Are you thinking about making the switch from oil to LPG but have no idea how to go about it? Than take a little look at the infographic below that may answer your questions and will help guide you through the process. Or if you are still […]

Benefits of Switching from Oil to LPG

Benefits of Switching from oil to LPG I have already shared with you some great tips to help you save on your energy using LPG and also the benefits of LPG automatic top-up technology and today I am sharing an infographic to show you the benefits of switching from oil to LPG. So what do you think […]