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Pom #WonderfulWorkouts with Katie Bulmer-Cooke

POM WONDERFUL LAUNCHES SERIES OF #WONDERFULWORKOUTS WITH KATIE BULMER-COOKE! POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice from concentrate, is kicking off 2015 with the launch of its #WonderfulWorkouts series, featuring Apprentice star and fitness favourite Katie Bulmer-Cooke. Each workout has been designed by Katie, with an emphasis on creating a short series of concise exercises that can […]

A New Great Weight and Health Tracker Website

I’ve just been introduced to this great new weight loss/health tracker website called It’s a level up game and point based program. You log what you eat everyday and get points for the foods you eat, the more healtier the food the more points you’ll recieve. You can also get points by tracking your exercises and that includes […]

kids active play ideas

Parents, caregivers and teachers all help young children learn how to count to 5, how to spell their name, cook with them, read with them and do arts and crafts with them. These things are all important, But some forget how important it is for preschool children to be physically active. Along with all the other activities you should do […]

Battle of the Bulge

I’ve eaten so much over Christmas and i’m still going to be doing loads more, in fact i’m eating some chocolates right this moment! But now i’m dreading January when it’s all back to normal and all my clothes will be too tight from all that over eating. So that’s when my new weight loss programme will […]