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10 Creative Ways to Decorate your Bedroom Walls

10 Creative Way to decorate your Bedroom Walls Decorating bedroom walls can be so much fun. With these under given DIYs and ‘ready-made’ ideas, now you can make the best out of your walls and let your walls play an important role in enhancing your room décor. Canvas prints for the Wall Available from […]

10 Ways to Organise Your Wardrobe

10 Ways to Organise Your Wardrobe   Empty it First thing’s first, take everything out of your closet. Drape it somewhere for the time being, or dump it all in a big pile. Whatever you do, don’t attempt to tackle this task without completely clearing out the closet space you’re going to organise. Similarly, don’t […]

Best Places to Visit in Canada

Canada is famous for its awe-inspiring scenery and wildlife. As the second largest country in the world, Canada has plenty of vacation destinations from the east coast to the west coast for travellers to explore. Here is our list of 5 top places to visit in Canada. Rocky Mountains The Rocky Mountains, commonly known as […]

Creative Wall Lighting for your Living Room

Creative wall lighting for your living room The right kind of lighting in your living room offers you a number of options towards creating a specific atmosphere. Strategically placed wall lights can also help to open up a room and highlight an eye-catching focal point. Careful consideration should be taken with your room illuminations especially […]

Ahoy! – Exploring the Worlds Nautical Museums

Whether you’re a maritime enthusiast, or you’re just looking to teach the kids a little more about the world’s nautical history — there are plenty of museums and exhibits to choose from. They can make the learning experience fun for kids of all ages. Who knows, they may even want to live the nautical life […]

Own a Condo and Say a Big Welcome to Luxury

If you are looking for fully furnished condos where location, lifestyle and luxury are top priority, then Chandler is a good place to search. The area has good services by shopping facilities, restaurants, health centers and proximity to major highways. The condos lined up for sale in Chandler are ideal for a new breed of homeowners. […]


I was on Facebook the other day and a really good friend posted a picture of her passport and a map with the caption “Wanderlust: An Irresistible desire to travel, to understand one’s very existence”. As you know winter vacation has just started and so she was planning to travel to quite a few places […]

Improve your Family’s Health with a Dehumidifier

Improve your family’s health with a dehumidifier Keeping your family happy and healthy in winter is a difficult task, especially if they suffer from any allergies, but there is an easy way to really improve everyone’s health by using a simple dehumidifier in your home. Not something that might be first on your shopping list, […]

Busy, Glamorous mums, You Deserve a Medal!

Mums I salute you. Today we are going to celebrate the logistical challenges you have on a weekly basis and say well done you for still rocking this season’s latest look. Even before you get to the door, you have spent the entire morning yelling and tidying, making breakfast and clearing away last nights toys […]