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Chicken & Veg one-pot

This is one of my favorite recipes Chicken and veg one-pot Serves 4    Ready in 35 minutes    511 cals    25g fat 1 onion 700g potatoes chicken cut into pieces 200g carrots 300ml stock Broccoli 1 bay leaf frozen peas 200ml creme fraiche Heat a bit of oil in a large pan. Add the chicken (or […]

Cheat’s Cottage Pie

  I just love cottage pie, especially when it’s horrible outside with all this snowy weather. First, let me say this isn’t called cheats cottage pie because I don’t use any meat, you can still use meat but I much prefer Quorn. Meat free and a lot less fat in it. I call this my Cheat’s Cottage Pie because I don’t […]

(Not your kids) Mac n Cheese

Good Tuesday Morning!  I’ve been dying to share this recipe with everyone for Mac n Cheese.  This is the real deal Mac n Cheese not the boxed type.  Unfortunately, I’ve trained my girls taste buds to only recognize the boxed Mac n Cheese as the ‘real’ stuff.  When I made this dish, I was so […]

Spicy Tomato Soup

Good morning Everyone.  This is Kimberly from My Pinterest Reality. I’m not sure about you but here in the Northeast they’re saying there’s a chance of snow next week for Halloween.  It would only be here where one day it’s in the 80’s and the next there is a chance of snow.  I love, love, […]

{Recipe} Espresso Stout-braised Pork Shoulder!

Hey! Melissa here from Willamette Valley Wonder Woman! Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of October….I personally love it! I adore the hustle and bustle of the fall….soccer games, pumpkin patches, school activities,…I could go on and on! I also love fall food, pumpkin spice lattes (well, pumpkin anything really) crock pot […]

End of Summer Pasta

This end of summer pasta is so simple to make, and is quite light, so it’s perfect for summer or on a nice warm fall day. you can make this ahead and store in the fridge, and it’s great to to grab it you need a quick snack. Ingredients: Pasta Tinned sweetcorn Tinned peas Salad […]

Quick Mac and Cheese

The day before I’m due to go food shopping is just the worst, we never seem to have anything left only bits and bobs. So normally we have a concoction. Anyway, I was searching the cupboards trying to find what I could throw together for tea, something that would be quick to make as time was getting on, […]

Quick Lamb & Potato Bake

Serves 4 635 cals   44g fat   24g sat. fat Ingredients : 2 large potatoes, peeled and sliced 1 onion, finely chopped 1 garlic clove 500g mince (I used quorn) 400g tin of plum tomatoes 200ml crème fraiche 50g cheddar, grated 2 tbsp parsley 1 tsp ground cinnamon Boil the potatoes, meanwhile fry the onion in a little oil then […]

Flageolet Bean Pie

421 cals    17g fat    8g sat. fatServes 4        ready in 20 minutes Ingredients : 1 onion 3 x 400g cans of flageolet beans 50g cheddar, grated 3 cloves of garlic, crushed 5 tbsp crème fraiche 100g bread crumbs dried thyme Heat some oil in a large pan and gently fry the onion […]

Creamy Spinach and Pea Pasta

643 cals    23.1g fat   10.7g sat fat   7.3g sugar  2.1g salt Ingredients : 400g spaghetti or pasta 350g frozen spinach 165g cherry tomatoes 300ml crème fraiche frozen peas 1 garlic clove Cook the pasta or spaghetti according to the pack instructions. Meanwhile in a deep pan fry the garlic, than add the frozen spinach and 2 tbsp […]

Creamy Butter Beans & Chicken

419 cals    27g fat,   8g sat fat Ingredients:  Chicken Pieces 400g tin of butter beans 3 tbsp crème fraiche 140g roasted red peppers from a jar tin of sweetcorn 2 garlic cloves basil Gently fry the chopped garlic, then stir in the butter beans and the roasted red peppers. Add the crème fraiche and the chicken. Bring to the […]

Chicken & Veg One Pot

I got this recipe from  Easy Cook magazine, but I changed it slightly Ingredients: 1 onion chicken pieces (i used quorn) 1 bay leaf 700g potatoes 200g carrots broccoli 200ml crème fraiche 300ml stock frozen peas Serves 4  –  ready in 35 minutes  –  511 cals  –  25g fat 1. Heat a bit of oil in a large […]

Saucy Meatballs with Rice

Saucy Meatballs with Rice This doesn’t look that nice in the photo as i mixed it all up and ate a few meatballs and then remembered i hadn’t took a photo.This recipe uses vegetarian meatballs, as I’m a veggie, but the original recipe can be found here. for this you needpacket of vegetarian meatballs350g frozen spinach1 onion2 tins of chopped tomatoesrice (i […]

Recipes : Chicken & Mushroom Pie

Chicken & Mushroom Pie Ingredients : 400g Chicken (or quorn if your a vegetarian like me) 750g Potatoes 1 Onion 295g  tin Cream of Mushroom soup 250ml veg or chicken stock 325g tin of sweetcorn 3 tbsp crème fraiche parsley or basil Serves 4  Ready in 45 minutes,   441 Cals   12g fat 1. Fry the onion […]

Gnocchi bolognese with spinach

Gnocchi bolognese with spinach Ingredients : 500g mince (i used quorn, as i’m a vegetarian) 400g spinach 500g pack of gnocchi 2 tins of chopped tomatoes with herbs 125g mozzarella 1. Fry the mince in some oil, until soft. Tip in both tins of tomatoes. Fill one can up with water and add to the […]