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The Best Homemade Pina Colada Recipe

It may be the beginning of Autumn but I am already missing the sun. I loved lounging around in the garden catching the rays with a good book to read and a nice yummy drink. I made my own Pina Colada for the first time and it was delicious. I was sat there sipping it […]

Are you Having a Dry January?

In January after the festive period and all those booze filled celebrations, most people tend to lay of the alcohol in January in what is termed ‘a dry January’. I’m not a big alcohol drinker and only really drink on special occasions or when I have a night out, which is very rare for me […]

#WaterMadeExciting Challenge

Me and my kids where asked to take the SodaStream Water Made Exciting Challenge. It’s aims was to get children to drink more water at meal times. Below are a few fact’s found from a recent study on the amount of water children drink :   WATER TURNED EXCITING BY SODASTREAM A recent study revealed that 45 per […]

A New Flavour of Peanut Hottie

I love Peanut Hottie! A few month’s ago I got to try some of the yummy peanut flavour hot drink and it was delicious. And they have just released a new flavour – Peanut Butter & Chocolate. I think I like the new flavour better as it is a little bit less sickly, so you […]

Bowmore Whisky Salted Caramel Crust Recipe

SALTED CARAMEL CRUST INGREDIENTS 75g unsalted butter 50g soft light brown sugar 50g caster sugar 50g golden syrup 125ml double cream 1tsp sea salt 1 tbsp Bowmore METHOD Melt the butter, sugars and syrup in a small heavy based pan and simmer for 3 minutes. Add the cream, whisky and sea salt then simmer for […]

Celebrating National Milk Day with Daioni

Celebrate National Milk Day With the first flavoured organic milk! National milk day is on 15th January 2015 and Daioni are celebrating by releasing some new flavored milk. The come in strawberry, chocolate and banana and I got to try all three. And I must say they are really delicious. And best of all these are organic and prefect for lunchboxes. […]

Nomadic Lassi Drink

Nomadic have brought out a lovely Lassi yogurt drink. You can get this Nomadic lassi drink in two flavours, Mango or Passionfruit. I tried out the mango one, which was really nice and lovely and not too overly sweet. You can find this in Tesco and Ocado and it is RRP £1.49 You can also […]

Stur – Liquid Water Enhancer Review

I recently received this box through the post from Stur. It contained 6 different flavour Stur drinks. Stur is a water enhancer for those who don’t like drinking plain water or fancy something different and best of all it contains no sugar, no calories and no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours. Here is what the […]

Peanut Hottie Drink

I received 5 sample packs of a new drink called Peanut Hottie.Yep, a new peanut butter flavoured hot drink Me, and my eldest two tried it out. When I poured it into my mug I got a big whiff of peanut butter. And to my surprise when I tasted it, It was really like drinking […]

Starbucks Valencia Orange Refresher [guest post]

I’m from Sunglasses And Starbucks – Currently I post mainly about DIY Starbucks Drinks, but I’m thinking about posting about some other topics. Today I’m going to make one of my favourite drinks from Starbucks and it is a Valencia Orange Refresher. Let’s Start Making!      You Will Need: Orange Juice Lemon Iced Tea Ice Sugar […]

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

  Spring may just be around the corner but it’s still quite nippy outside where I live in Derbyshire, England.And what better way to warm up with a nice mug of hot chocolate. And to make it a bit more special, I have a peppermint hot chocolate. to make my yummy peppermint hot chocolate is […]