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35+ Strawberry Treats Recipes

The weather as been picking up a lot recently, and it’s really starting to feel like summer! Strawberries always remind me that summer is here. You always see people eating strawberries and cream at tennis at Wimbledon. Strawberries are a perfect summer fruit so I thought I would put together some yummy Strawberry Treats that […]

The Best Homemade Pina Colada Recipe

It may be the beginning of Autumn but I am already missing the sun. I loved lounging around in the garden catching the rays with a good book to read and a nice yummy drink. I made my own Pina Colada for the first time and it was delicious. I was sat there sipping it […]

Num Nom Flavoured Inspired Pancakes

We really love pancakes in our house, well, except my husband who hates them. But me and the kids really love them. We don’t have them very often has we like to have lot’s of unhealthy stuff on them. My favourite being Nutella and the kids like lots of chocolate and strawberry sauce. And I […]

Festive Drinks Round Up

A Little Drink at Christmas I am not normally a big drinker but I do like to have a drink now and again, and I always have a few at Christmas. It’s a little tradition for me and my husband to have a drink of Baileys or some Irish Cream on Christmas Eve while waiting […]

Hocus Pocus Pea Soup

With Halloween only a few days away, I am really getting in the mood for all things spooky. I shared my Halloween 2016 Must Haves the other day and today I will be sharing with you a disgusting looking (yet very tasty) Halloween Hocus Pocus Pea Soup! The recipe come from Discount Supplements who have […]

Back to School Lunches with Hartley’s Jelly

It’s back to school this week for my kids, and unlike some mums, I am really happy and excited about this. My house as been a right mess through the summer holidays and I am delighted to have the kids back at school and back into a routine again. Our school provides free hot dinners […]

Valentine Chocolate Hearts

Even though me and my husband don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day (has he is at work) I am really starting to get in he Valentines mood. I have already started making treats for my kids starting with some yummy Marshmallow Valentine Pops. I couldn’t eat these as I am a vegetarian and marshmallows have gelatin in, […]

Marshmallow Snowmen

It’s freezing outside today and what better way to cheer myself by making some Marshmallow Snowmen. We have only had one day of snow so far this winter and it was only a little bit, not even for the kids to make a real snowman. So I thought I would make these cute marshmallow snowmen […]

Ladybird Appetizers – A Great Party food Idea

How cute are these little Ladybird Appetizers? These would be perfect for a kids party, a healthier option than just crisps and biscuits. You could even maybe have a ladybird party them or maybe a bug or garden party. I know my kids would love these, and even though some kids aren’t keen on olives […]

Baked Bean Chilli Recipe

As the days get darker and colder I love nothing more than to eat some yummy comfort food. You know the sort of thing, Macaroni & Cheese, Mash & SausagesĀ and of courseĀ Cottage Pie. I love a nice vegetarian chilli con carne, but the kids don’t like it as it’s too spicy fo them and they […]