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What is Your Language Age?

Do you think you are really cool and with the times? Well Sunlife have made a really fun and amusing little quiz, to find out what you language ages it. It has fun questions like: What word would you use to describe something good? Cool Awesome Groovy Score Bangin’ Sick Spiffing For me I would […]

What we have been up to in November

I can’t believe it’s December all ready! This year has just flown by. I have been very busy with my blog and trying to catch up with my etsy orders. For the last week I have had a really stiff neck and pain in my shoulder. I have no idea what it is, I was […]

NOW TV – At fantastic prices

A few months ago we got rid of our Sky TV subscription. We was paying almost £70 a month and just couldn’t really afford it. The main channels we watched were the free ones. But I also lived watching the movies, but paying £70 to watch few movies was a bit silly really. My husband […]

Morgan’s Fight

This is my 2-year-old nephew, Morgan. 9 weeks ago he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He has an Astrocytoma tumour on his brain stem. So far he has been put under general anaesthetic 14 times and had surgery 7 times. He has been on anti sickness tablets, steroids to help build him up and […]

Buying My First Car

Neither me or my husband can drive. We are 32 and 30, with 3 kids and have to rely on public transport or my dad. It can be a bit embarrassing having to ask my take to take me somewhere at my age, so I have decided to take my driving lessons again. I say […]

#DressDad Competition

Who would like to win £100 worth of shopping vouchers? Then enter this fun #DressDad competition with your dad. To enter all you have to do is dress up your dad and send a photo of him on instagram using the hashtag #DressDadComp. If your da is no fun and doesn’t want to take part, […]

Weekend Reads – #2

Welcome to my second Weekend Reads. Every week I will share with you 5 post that I think are kinda great! There is also a linky that you can add your own posts too.   How to Run Correctly  The Ultimate Guide to Making Money from Blogging 10 Personal Finance Blogs you Should be Reading […]

Weekend Reads – #1

Welcome to the first of my weekend reads. Every weekend I’ll be sharing some fantastic articles and blog post that I have found that I think you might also enjoy reading. There will also be a linky for you to add your own blog posts. So if you have something that you would like to […]