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My Memories Bookmark Freebie

Here’s a lovely freebie from My Memories*cute bookmarks* Bookmark Kit 1   Bookmark Kit 2   Bookmark Kit 3 Each free kit will include digital papers, elements and quick pagesThese are completely free!! But if you want to customize these kits any way you like you need to purchase the My Memories Suite Package and if you quote this […]

Chasing the Cyclone {Book Review}

Chasing the Cyclone : My Review When I hear the phrase ‘Child Abduction’ I automatically think of a stranger kidnapping a child, It never even crossed my mind that it could be the child’s parent. But Peter Senese’s book Chasing the Cyclone has opened up my eyes to child abduction by parents.Chasing the Cyclone is a heartfelt and frustrating story inspired by the authors true […]

Journal 10+ (Review)

Last week I received it the post a journal to review.I was so excited as i just love journals. But this is no ordinary journal, this is a 10 year + journal!! There are just 4 lines to write something everyday for the next 10 years! If you don’t like writing and keeping journals, don’t worry, because […]

Paper Clip Bookmarks

Here’s something I did a while ago but forgot to share with you all. My paper clip bookmarks. All i used to make these was2 fabric flowers with holes in the middle2 paper clipslittle bowand a brad  For the bow one all i simple did was thread the bow on! Simple!! And for the flower […]

Roald Dahl Day

    September 13th 2011 was Roald Dahl Day. I know it’s a bit late, but i just love Roald Dahl books and when I found this i just had to share it with someone. Get your hands on the Roald Dahl Day Packs here! There are lots of ways to have fun on Roald […]

5 a day books

I’ve started doing the 5 a day books, but my eldest who is 6 get’s fed up of reading the same 5 books a day, so i’ve just been reading him 2 a day and a choice of whatever he wants. And reading my 21 month old little girl 3 a day. Here are our […]