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It’s My 7th Blogiversary!

Today it my 7th blogiversary! I really can’t believe that I have now been blogging for a whopping 7 years. I first started this blog to share things that I found and have a record of what I got up to with my kids. But soon it changed into a little part-time job, and then […]

Why I Can’t Live Without The Internet

I remember when my mum and dad first got the internet. I was about 13 or 14 and it used to take ages to connect, making that horrible dial-up noise. And the worst thing was you couldn’t use the house phone at the same time! I was always moaning at my sister to get of […]

Making Your Kitty Insta-Famous Works Like This…

Making Your Kitty Insta-Famous Works Like This…   Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Beyonce may be the most followed Instagram accounts, racking up between 80 million and 100 million followers each, but, the top ranking cat accounts aren’t that far behind, and some might say they’re way more interesting anyway (give me a cat’s paw […]

How to Add a Post Signature in Blogger

See my name down there at the bottom of this post, just above my social media icons?Well, today I’m going to show you how to add that there permanently, so every time you write a new blog post it’s already there Ok, first off you need to open a photo editing service like, Picmonkey. Upload […]

Social Media Tips

Social media is a big part of a bloggers life. Quite a lot of my traffic comes from these, especially Pinterest where in fact most of my traffic comes from. The other main social media outlets are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. And before I go any further, Let me share with you a fantastic tip […]

How to Make a Blog Button Grab Box

Ok, So now you have made your blog button now you need a grab box so other people can get the code to put your button on their site. First off you need somewhere to host your button image, like Picasa. But I cheat and upload my image in to a blog post, but make sure […]

How to Make a Blog Header & Button

if you are new to starting a blog you will need a header and a blog button. First off you need to decided on the colour scheme of your blog. I recommend you choose 2-4 colours. use this HEX code chart to choose which colours you want to use and note down the number codes for all […]

Blogging A-Z – How to Start Blogging

I’m starting a new blogging series sharing hint’s and tips I’ve learnt throughout my time blogging.I have been blogging now for 2 years this July and I now call this my job.But before I go any further, I just want you all to know that I am no expert. All the tips I share are […]

Make Money Blogging

When I first started this blog almost 2 years ago, It was just a place for me to share things that I found on the internet and help inspire me to get crafty and share my crafts with anyone who was willing to take a look. Which was maybe just one or two people and […]