Becoming a Scholastic Book Champion

A few months ago I was asked if I would like to write a blog post on behalf of Scholastic talking about their Book Champions campaign. As I was reading about it, I liked the sound of it so much that I decided to sign up to it myself. Book Champions can sell books from their very own home without even moving of the sofa. You can set up your own facebook page and host facebook parties.

This is what I have done. You can find my facebook page here – Serenity You Book Parties.

I also have an instagram and twitter accounts for this too.


Collection of Scholastic books - become a Book Champion


My First Book Party

At the beginning of December I set up my very first facebook book party. I had 3 friends pop by and 3 other people from my Serenity You Blog facebook page, where I shared the event. The event was ok, I sold a few books. But I didn’t really share my event that much. I have also shared my page and some of the books for sale on facebook  selling sites. This is where I have had most of my sales come from. By time Christmas had come, I had sold over £300 worth of books!

As a book champion you earn 20% of what you sell. So this was amazing for me, which I did all from my sofa with a cup of tea and biscuits. If you get someone to ‘host’ a book party, they will also earn 10% of the total to spend on books. So they can get all their friends to join the party, buy books and the host will then receive Free books. Can’t go wrong with that.

You don’t just have to sell online. You can also host parties at people houses and sell at craft/Christmas fares etc. The one thing that you have to do is one book party that benefits a school or nursery, either online or psychically every 6 months.

Become A Book Champion

The best thing about being a Scholastic Book Champion is the great books. My kids love reading and the prices are fantastic. Price start from just £1.00 and ALL books are less then the RRP.

It’s easy to get started and after a £15 joining fee you’ll be up and running with your own online bookshop the same day. If you sell more than £100 worth of books in your first 2 weeks, your £15 joining fee will be refunded. You’ll be supported every step of the way to grow your business and reach as many people as possible. You’ll be sharing the best children’s books often at up to 70% off RRP and with fresh offers every 6-8 weeks, your family, friends and customers will be keen to snap up the bargains while they last!

Five reasons to become a Scholastic Book Champion today:

  • Earn for yourself and support your local school at the same time
  • Work flexibly round your commitments
  • Sell the latest and very best children’s books
  • Low start up costs of only £15
  • Mentoring support available on request

If you would like to sign up to be a Book Champion with my team just go here – and also email me once you have signed up with your email address and I can add you to my team

The Books

There are new books and offers every 6-8 weeks, all less than RRP and often up to 70% off. Here are a few of the books that are available to buy.

These set of 7 Animal Magic books by Holly Webb are my kids favourites, (only 6 in the photo, as my daughter as taken one to read with her to school). This set is just £9.99 saving you £31.94.


Animal Magic pack of books by Holly Webb


The newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid is just £8.99.


Diary of a wimpy kids #8 The Meltdown


I am loving this set of Secret Garden Books. The original classic and a new 2nd book by Holly Webb


The Secret Garden and Return to the Secret Garden  books


My kids also love Tom Gates books, and you can buy a pack of 5 for just £15.99 – saving you £19.96. – Bargain


Tom gates book


Go check all the offers there currently is and make sure to follow my facebook page too!


Scholastic Book Champion #books


I received the above books in return for this blog post. All opinions are mine


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  1. Oh now this is a great idea especially to encourage more reading, something I keep trying to insist my nieces and nephews do and 70% off sounds like a bargain x