I love scented candles. I always have one burning in autumn and winter has it just makes my home feel really cosy. And it’s a perfect to hygge out your home. I am always trying out new brands and different scents too. I while ago I was sent out a few goodies from I Love. Personally I have tried some of their body products which are really nice, but this is the first time I have tried any of their candles. I received a gorgeous scented candle in English Rose, 2 Reed Diffusers in English Rose and Glazed Raspberry and 2 body washes in Violet dreams and Elderflower Fizz.


I love Fragrance range

I love English Rose


The Candle

The English Rose candle comes in it’s own little drawstring cloth bag, which I thought was a really great touch and perfect if you are giving this as a gift. The candle is a great size and burns for over 40 hours. These are Priced at £15 and I think that is a great price as there are more expensive candles out there, but this one smells just as good.


I Love English Rose Candle English Rose candle


The Reed Diffuser

I am most impressed with this Reed Diffuser. I have a teenage son, and you can imagine the smells that come from his bedroom. So I love to have a reed diffuser in my landing window, so anyone who needs to go up stairs to use the toilet gets a nice whiff of the scent instead of my son!

I have tried loads of different brands and types and out of all of them this one is my favourite. It lasts about 12 weeks, which I would say is true as I have had mine in the window about 6-7 weeks, and it’s just reached half gone. The smell is amazing, I just love raspberries. It really fills my landing and the smell really noticeable when you walk by it. These are priced at £15.


I Love Glazed Raspberry Reed Diffuser I love fragrance range


I am really impressed with I Love home fragrances and I will be buying more. I also love the gorgeous sleek packaging. Perfect for any room in your house.


I Love Candle and reed diffuser review | Serenity You


I received the above products in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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