Who Did it? game is another game we received to review as part of being a Board Game Club Blogger. This one is a great game for all the family and is really easy to play. you need at least 3 players to play this game. The aim of the game is to get rid of all your pets, as we need to find the pet that as done the poo. When a player as three pieces of poo they are out or you can end the game and the player with the least amount of poo wins!


Who Did It? Game Review #BoardGameClub

Who Did It? Game Review #BoardGameClub Who Did It? Game Review #BoardGameClub


Each player starts with 6 pets – a rabbit, cat, hamster, parrot, fish and tortoise. The only difference is that the background on the cards are different. So each player chooses which colour set they will be and you take turns to place one of your cards in the middle in a pile and say ‘It wasn’t my (type of pet) that pooed it was a (type of pet)’. And whatever pet that got called, all the other players has to find that card and be the first to put it on top of the pile.

But it gets tricky. You also have to try and remember which pets cards each player has played. Because if you call out a pet and no one has got any of that type of pet cards left, then it was in fact your pet that did the poo and you lose.


Who Did It? Game Review #BoardGameClub Who Did It? Game Review #BoardGameClub Who Did It? Game Review #BoardGameClub


I don’t know what it is with kids and poo, but they found it really funny. Even my eldest (13 year old) liked playing Who Did It?. This is a really good game to play when you have a bit of spar time as one round doesn’t take that long to play at all.


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Who Did It? Game Review #BoardGameClub


I received the above game in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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