It’s nice to have a lovely looking home. There are loads of brilliant ideas out there to make each of your rooms stand out and look unique. One thing that I have tried before is wall stickers, but I have now just been introduced to wall murals from Wall murals aren’t a completely new concept to me. I have seen a few kids wall murals available, like princess themed ones or under the sea. But I had never seen such amazing ones like these, with gorgeous scenes of sunsets, beaches, woodlands, food, books and even graffiti.

Wall Murals go on your walls like wallpaper. They come in panels and you paste your wall with wallpaper paste before putting each panel in place making sure that the design lines up. But unlike wallpaper these have a beautiful picture on which makes a great room feature.

Here are some of my favourite designs from Wall Sauce.



These are only just a few that I really like. There are loads more which I love, but I could be here forever showing you them all.

All the murals are made to measure. This is perfect if you have a really wide or tall wall, as you can crop the photo to how you like. You can also flip it over or mirror image it. But I think the best thing about Wall Sauce is that they allow you to make a wall mural from your own photos! So if you have a stunning landscape pic that you have taken yourself, why not put it on your wall and showcase your work when friends and family come around. Or why not get a mural of your family or kids?!

Pop on over and let me know which wall mural is your favourite?


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Making a Feature Wall with Wall Murals


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6 comments on “Making a Feature Wall with Wall Murals”

  1. Spectacular really make a statement – don’t know if I’d be brave enough to put in living area but would look fab in my bedroom

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