Another game sent to us to review for being apart of the Blogger Board Game Club was a great game called Set.

You lay 12 cards out on the table and the aim of the game is to find the most sets.

Each card has four attributes – number, shape, shade and colour. A set contains 3 cards and each set has to have all the same attributes or all different attributes. For example – the set on the front of the box (photo below), as ALL DIFFERENT numbers, ALL DIFFERENT shapes, ALL THE SAME shades and ALL DIFFERENT colours.

Say for example, that the middle card was red. Then this wouldn’t be a set. Has three of the attributes would be all the same or all different but the fourth attribute  – colour – would not follow this rule. 1 purple and 2 red, so the cards are not All The SAME or ALL DIFFERENT


SET Game Review - #BoardGameClubSET Game Review - #BoardGameClub


This did take me a while to completely understand what I was doing. But my 7 year old son, Aaron, understood this right away. Even my other two children – aged 8 and 13, took a lot longer to figure out how to find a set.

I really love this game. It really get’s your brain thinking and using your logical skills. The winner is the player that finds the most sets.  Even though we have now played this game many times, Aaron is still the best at it!


SET Game Review - #BoardGameClub SET Game Review - #BoardGameClub

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SET Game Review - #BoardGameClub


I received the above game in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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