I love to play escape room games on my phone and I have always wanted to actually go and do a proper escape room experience. But now there is a game for the kids to play. It’s called Operation : Escape Room. The aim of the game is to ‘lock’ one of the players up, then you have to complete three different challenges before the timer goes off to rescue the player locked up.


Spy Code : Operation Escape Room Review Spy Code : Operation Escape Room Review

Spy Code : Operation Escape Room Review


You can set the time to however many seconds that you want to. We started with 150, which was recommend in the instruction leaflet. But my kids were still stuck on the first challenge when the timer went off, so we increased the time to 500 seconds.

The first challenge is to get the key out of the cage using nothing but two little sticks. Each side of the cage is different, with side one being the easiest and side 4 the hardest.


Spy Code : Operation Escape Room Review


One you complete the first challenge you need that key to unlock the second challenge. This is the challenge the kids found the most trickiest. There are 3 sets of coloured cards, each with different difficulty levels. We started with the easiest. The kids didn’t really understand what to do at first. But you get a card, put in the card code and select either A, B, C or D – which ever you think is the correct answer. The tricky part, it that you have to get three consecutive answers right, otherwise the keys stays in it’s slot and you have to start again. Once you have answered 3 questions correctly, the key pops out.


Spy Code : Operation Escape Room Review Spy Code : Operation Escape Room Review


The 3 challenge is the easiest to do, but also the hardest to fail on. You spin the challenge round and place the key in the top. Then you have to open the compartments to find the hidden key. You have three tries and when you open each compartment it gives you a clue to help you find the key.

One you have completed the challenge. You can unlock your friend and stop the timer.


Spy Code : Operation Escape Room Review


This is a really great game for both kids and adults. I even managed to get my 13 year old to play with us!

The game is available from Smyths and priced at £19.99.


Spy Code : Operation Escape Room Review


I received the game in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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