I have always been a big fan of every to do with nature and I am always encouraging me kids to get hands on. So when we was asked to review both  My Living World Worm World and My Living World Pocket Microscope I got a little bit excited. I used to have a microscope myself when I was younger and I loved it. And I also remember creating own own worm world at school when I was in year 3. I wanted to make one at home but my mum wouldn’t let me. But now there are specifically made toys that allow you to do this at home without all the mess.


My Living World - Worm World & Pocket Microscope


Worm World

Worm World comes with a clear see-through container and cardboard cover. 4 packs of sand (2 plain sand, 1 red sand and 1 yellow sand). All you need to do to set your Worm World up, is to get some soil from your garden and layer the soil with the different coloured sands.

Collect some worms from your garden too or you can order some online with instructions how to do this in the box. Place your worms in your Worm World and place some leaves on top. Cover with the cardboard cover, as the worms like it dark. Then you can peek at them every so often and check the trails they have made trough the sand and soil.


My Living World  Worm World

My Living World - Worm World My Living World - Worm World


Pocket Microscope

The Pocket Microscope is handy and also easy to carry around. It needs batteries to work the light.  The Pocket Microscope comes with some tweezers, 4 containers, some glass slides, labels and two specimen slides.

One of the slides has different textiles in it and the other has parts of a grasshopper in it to study.

We actually liked to use this with the Worm World and look at the different types of soil we collected. We also looked at leaves and bark.


My Living World - Pocket Microscope My Living World - Pocket Microscope My Living World -  Pocket Microscope My Living World -  Pocket Microscope




I have both the My Living World Worm World and Pocket Microscope to giveaway to one lucky reader.

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is fill in the gleam widget below. All entries are optional. You can do just one or all, and you can also come back each day to gain extra entries. The more you do, the more chances you have. The giveaway is open to the UK only and will close at 11:59 pm on Friday 2nd November 2018.


My Living World

My Living World - Worm World & Pocket Microscope


I was sent the above items in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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71 comments on “My Living World – Worm World & Pocket Microscope + giveaway”

  1. I like the pocket microscope when I was little I had a chemistry set which I adored, my granddaughter is developing my interest in science so this would be great for her ambitions

  2. pocket microscope – i remember as a kid being fascinated looking through a microscope, a whole new world but super tiny!

  3. I’d love the Pocket Microscope for my son. I’d a microscope when I was young and my sister and I used to look at everything under it-so facinating!

  4. I love the pocket microscope, when we were children my older brother had a chemistry set, we were banned from using it in the house after discovering how to make fart-bombs!

  5. I always wanted one of those worm world sets when I was little. the closest thing I had was a couple of mealworms in a tub haha! They fell out of my window though!

  6. My daughter loves digging for worms so would love the Worm World. I remember my brother having something similar when we were young and it was fascinating.

  7. I remember a microscope – think was my bros!! The kids would love to discover stuff with this – educational and fun!

  8. I like the pocket microscope.I had a microscope as a child and loved studying things under it. I would love to win this for my grandson and love the fact it is pocket sized

  9. Love the pocket microscope, always wanted one as a child but didn’t have one – my friend, however, did so we spent hours looking at “stuff”

  10. The Pocket Microscope is my favourite item and no I didn’t have one when I was a child. We were, however, lucky enough to have a little garden so I am very familiar with worms!

  11. I’d love the microscope for my nephew. I had one when I was younger and had hours of fun collecting things to spy up close.

  12. I would like the microscope for my Granddaughter as she loves bugs, I had a microscope when I was little and loved looking at things through it.

  13. Would love the worms as my kids love finding worms so be great to learn more about them. Never had anything like this when I was little

  14. Love the worm world. I didnt have anything like it when I was a kid. the closest thing was keeping worms in an old ice cream tub of mud!

  15. I love the worms! we never had anything like this, but we did make our own! worms in a little tub and watch them create tunnels. my boy would love this as he is really into his nature

  16. I would love the microscope for my science obsessed son he would be over the moon. I used to have a wormery but this was one that I had made so nothing as fancy as this LOL

  17. I would love to win the microscope for my nephew. I remember having one as a kid but I’m guessing it wasn’t anywhere near as powerful as they are today.

  18. I think Worm World sounds like great fun. I didn’t have anything like this when I was young, my brother always got the science toys.

  19. My nearly 8 year old daughter would love the worm world. I didn’t have anything like this wen little, just a younger brother who would find worms in the garden and chase me with them. Thank you for the competition.

  20. Worm World looks fascinating – apart from opening the lid on my Dad’s composter I never really experienced anything like this as a kid

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