When I was asked if I would like to review a Crate Creature I had to say yes, as I know my youngest, Aaron, would love one. There are 4 new Crate Creatures to collect – Blizz, Pudge, Sizzle and Snorthog. We was sent out Blizz to play with.

The great thing about this toy, is that the packaging it comes in is apart of the toy. So no throwing away big boxes. Has the box, or should I say crate, he comes in is his home.



The crate creature is fastened in his crate with a chain and padlock. You need to open the crate with the crowbar, which is stored on the side of the box.

Take the crowbar and use it to unlock the padlock and then use it again to open the crate.


Crate Creature - Blizz the Yeti Review

Crate Creature - Blizz the Yeti Review


And out pops your monster!!


Crate Creature - Blizz the Yeti Review


What we Thought of Him

When we first started playing with him, he was in demo mode. So a lot of the noises and things he is supposed to do weren’t happening. So make sure you switch your monster on to the play mode first.

Blizz comes with a ice lolly treat. When you press this against his mouth he makes munching noises.

He can make over 45 different noises. He does this by you shaking him, squeezing him and pulling his tongue. Blizz the yeti also vibrates and shakes about and thrashes his arms when you press his tail down.

But I think the best bit about this toy is that he can record what you say. Simply press and hold his tummy in and wait for his eyes to glow up and say what you want. Then each time you press his tummy he will repeat what you said in his monster voice. Aaron loved this so much and kept doing it over and over again


Crate Creature - Blizz the Yeti Review Crate Creature - Blizz the Yeti Review


See me and Aaron unboxing our Crate creature Blizz in this video!



This is a really great toy. And Aaron has already asked me to get him another for Christmas.

These are priced at £39.99 and available from Smyths or Very

Have you got one of these? let me know what you think of these Crate Creatures in the comments below.


Crate Creature pin



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I was sent the above product in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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8 comments on “Crate Creature Review”

  1. What cheeky and fun toys these are. The children would particularly like to own Pudge as we have a pet called Pudge. Thanks for the review. Great Christmas idea.

  2. I am thinking of this for my grandsons christmas present. I am not sure it the monster voice will drive my son and daughter in law mad though. he he

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