It’s been a while since my last review round up. I have been having a few family problems over the last few months and obviously family comes before my work and blog. So everything has been put on hold and I have been very slowly trying to get through all the reviews and blog post that I need to get up.

I am also going on holiday next week, so it’s a mad rush this week to get everything done and scheduled. But fingers crossed I can get it all done. Anyway, on to the reviews.

Strictly Briks

I received these two items from Strictly Briks quite a while ago now. The Trap and Gap Baseplates are great for making garages and car parks with as they has trap doors that open that you can use has ramps for the cars to go up. Aaron (7) really loved playing with this one, as he’s been after something like this for his cars and this is perfect has it also fits his lego, so he can add things on etc.

The Brik Tower is also just has good. Caitlin (8) liked to make this into a doll house and Aaron use it has a pet hotel.


Oral-B Star Wars Toothbrush

This is a fab electric toothbrush for kids, especially Star Wars fans. I have always had trouble getting Aaron to brush his teeth, but now that he has this, he wants to brush them all the time. Caitlin has also been asking me for an electric toothbrush, so I brought her one too. The other version of this is a Frozen themed one, but Caitlin didn’t want that so I opted for a purple one. hey both love brushing their teeth and often compete against each other to see who can get theirs the cleanest.

I love that these have replaceable brush heads that also match the toothbrush.



Munchy Seeds

I have never heard of Munchy Seeds until I was asked if I would like to review them. I am so glad I did, as I really love these. You can get single serve packs or a bigger size in tub. They have different flavours too! I loved the Choccy Ginger ones and the Salted Caramel Topper is so nice on hot porridge, especially with a bit of banana added to it.



Little Brian Mini Paint Sticks

I love these paint sticks. No mess or fuss. And the mini ones are fab too. My kids have loved making pictures with these and they also decorated some tree branches in the garden. The mini paint sticks come in a pack of 12 bright colours. I actually prefer the mini sized ones to the big ones.


Bioderma Non-Detergent Fluid Shampoo

This shampoo was a little tricky to use at first. Has normally I will get a blob in my hand and massage it through my hair and scalp. But this is more like water consistency and when I put it on my hand it just ran through my fingers, leaving most in the tub and not on my head. So I squirt this directly on the my head. I really love this has it leaves my hair and scalp feeling really clean. I wouldn’t use it everyday as it did make my hair feel a little dry, but I love how it makes my scalp feel so clean, so I have been using it at least twice a week.


B Free Wraps

The B free Quinoa & Chia seed wraps are gorgeous. I really love the taste of these so much, but the Sweet Potato wraps didn’t do it for me. They are two sweet and it just didn’t taste right with lettuce and veg. I wont buy these ones but have already brought some more of the chia seeds ones.



I was sent a pack of mini feminine products out. The Bump Free Scrub is my favourite and I have been using that before I shave and it has really made a difference. The other products in the range are great too, and the lightening cream is a great idea. I have only used it a few times, so cant say whether I have seen a difference in my skin colour yet. But I am really loving these intimate products.


Grown Up Chocolate Company

This Sea Salt & Caramel in Dark Chocolate bar is just so nice! I had a few pieces then hid it in my bedroom drawer away from the kids. But I couldn’t resist it and ate the whole thing later that day. I really enjoyed it, but wish there was just a little more caramel in it.



That’s it for this month. Let me know in the comments below which item you liked the look of or if you have already tried out any of these.



I received the above items in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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