Today it my 7th blogiversary!

I really can’t believe that I have now been blogging for a whopping 7 years. I first started this blog to share things that I found and have a record of what I got up to with my kids. But soon it changed into a little part-time job, and then on to my full time job.



Here are a few of my old posts from 7 years ago

Looking back at these old posts makes me realise how far I have come in my blogging career. The old post do need updating, but I think back then I blogged more about everyday things that I did, now I do properly too many review posts. I think I may start to add more recipe and crafts posts over the next few months.

I lost my blog stats for the first few year when I switched over from Blogger to WordPress back in 2015. So, I can only go by them. But since 2015 until now here are my most popular blog posts.

  1. Sensory Boards – March 2012
  2. 45 Rainy Day Activities – March 2014
  3. 25 Penguin Things to Make and Do – January 2014

While I have been looking through some of my old posts I’ve come across some old photos of my kids.

How cute did they look!


To celebrate my blog turning 7, I am holding a few giveaways over the next few days.  Most will be on the blog, but there will also be a some on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. So keep checking back and I will post links to them all in this post.

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13 comments on “It’s My 7th Blogiversary!”

  1. Happy 7th blogiversary! You do a fantastic job of your blog! I’m dinking champagne today to celebrate England getting through to the semi-finals so I will raise my glass to you too!

  2. Happy Blogversary, I think you must have started around the same time as me. It’s lovely to look back over your blogging years isn’t it, what a wonderful place you’ve created.

  3. Happy blogiversary – lovely seeing your children grow and I know you’ve had some tough times within your family but I think it’s probably comforting having the blog as a source of support xx Here’s to another 7 more years xx

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