I am a big chocolate lover. I love any type of chocolate – white, milk, plain, dark, praline, caramel, the list is endless. There are not many people I know that don’t like chocolate. And with more people wanting a treat and choosing chocolate as their go-to pick me up, there are new flavours being made to tantalise our taste buds all the time. There has also been a rise in Chocolatiers making their very own craft chocolate, using the finest ingredients and making unique flavours.

Being a chocolatier is not just chocolate making, it’s a craft. They use the best cocoa beans to give their chocolate the best taste possible. It is not produced in big factory, but each bar made lovingly by hand. There are more UK chocolateirs then there has ever been before. All making their own amazing artisan chocolate bars. And I must admit, I do prefer this kind of chocolate as it just tastes a bit more raw. Less added sugar and additives and more of the natural flavour of the cocoa bean.

But saying that I wont turn down a cheap bar of white creamy chocolate. But craft chocolate is more of a treat, It’s lovely to receive as a gift too has you know more thought has gone into making it.


i'm a chocolate lover


Chocolate Recipes

Here are some of my recipes I have made using Chocolate


Chocolate Items I Love

And it’s not just the taste of chocolate I love, but I also love chocolate themed items! from chocolate flavoured candles, to mugs for hot chocolate, chocolate jigsaws, chocolate squishes, chocolate games, chocolate cards and chocolate art. Here are a few items that I am really loving!!


My Top 5 Chocolate Brands

  1. Hotel Chocolat
  2. Lily O’Briens
  3. Guylian
  4. Lindt
  5. Thorntons

My Top 5 Chocolate Bars

  1. Kitkat
  2. Kinder Bueno
  3. Areo – Mint & Orange
  4. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  5. Terry’s Chocolate Orange


Like I said before, I am a big chocolate lover and to in me over all you need to do is give me a box of chocolates. If I have a chocolate craving and don’t have any chocolate in the house I will burn a chocolate scented candle. The smell really helps me with my cravings, and this is also great if your trying to cut down on your chocolate in take. I also have some chocolate flavoured black tea which is really low in calories and perfect to help with my chocolate cravings.

Taking about all this chocolate as actually got me craving it, so going to pop the kettle on and make me a cup of my delicious chocolate tea.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite chocolate brand is and also what your favourite chocolate bar is? Also, do you like any kind of chocolate or just certain types? Are you a fan of craft chocolate?


I love chocolate

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16 comments on “I’m a Chocolate Lover”

  1. My favourite chocolate brand is Lindt and I absolutely love white chocolate! I am a huge chocolate fan and love most chocolate, except dark chocolate!

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