Our latest game we received as part of being a Board Game Blogger was Bananagrams. I have seen this game around and even had a little play of it last year when I went to the Blog On conference. I just love that it comes in a banana shaped bag instead of a standard box, like other games.


bananagrams game review

bananagrams game review


Me and Aaron (7) played this the other day while my daughter was at Brownies and my other son was on is PlayStation (as usual). The game is for ages 8+ but he did find it a bit tricky at first. Caitlin as since played with just Aaron and both really enjoyed playing.

The idea of the game is for each player to have a set number of tiles and you have to make words by placing them in a grid. You all make your own word grids and when all the tiles have been used up from the bag, the person who has used all their letters up is the winner.


bananagrams game review bananagrams game review bananagrams game review


There are a few others ways to play to which have fab names for each game like Banana Smoothie, Banana Cafe and Banana Solitaire

The thing I love most about this game is that it doesn’t come in a box, but a bag in the shape of a banana. This makes it great for popping into your bag. Then you can take it with you for a quick game in the park or at a restaurant while waiting for your meal.

There is also a book available with tips, tricks and best winning words.


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bananagrams game review


I received the above game in return for this post. All opinions are my own

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10 comments on “Bananagrams Game Review #BoardGameClub”

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun and I think my kids would love it although my 6 year old would probably appreciate a little help if playing with her 10 year old brother!

  2. I havent seen Bananagrams before, it looks a fun game. I love the banana bag it comes it, it will be a great travelling game without the big cardboard box games usually come in.

  3. Thanks for your review of this game. I hadn’t heard of it before and like the look of it so much that I’ve just ordered one. It will be so useful when entertaining grand-children and may even mean they put away their mobiles/ipads etc. for a while!

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