I don’t usually wear that much make up, but when I do it is often nude and natural colours. For me less is more.

I do like to wear bright colours when I do go out for a night out, but it’s very rare that I go on a night out these days. I want to start experimenting more with different looks and summer is the perfect time to add a bit more colour to my look.

The photo below shows what I normally wear.


make up


I use Avon’s Nutraeffects Tinted Moisturiser almost everyday. Most days this is the only thing I use. When I do want a bit more coverage I use Avon’s Matte Mousse Foundation with Sleek’s Corrector & Concealer Palette. I often have the odd spot and a few red marks and the Sleek concealer is the best I have found so far to treat this.

Then I often wear Avon’s Glimmerstick Eyeliner in Blackest Black. As I wear glasses my eyes often look a bit drawn in, so this eyeliner really helps them stand out.



Then if I am going out some where and I want to look a bit more ‘prettier’ I will wear some eye shadow. My favourite is MUA Amour Palette. It is mainly browns and nudes, but does have a black, pink and purple that I like to wear on a night out for a more dramatic look. I also love to use Proto-col Bake Mineral Shimmer to make my cheeks a bit more rosier.



So for updating my look for summer I got a few items from Justmylook.com 

The items I choose were the Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation in Sand. I love the matte mousse I am currently using, but I have always wanted to try out this Max Factor product. The foundation I have is a lighter tone then this one, so it’s better for using in the colder months when my skin is paler.

The next item I choose was the LA Girl USA Pro Conceal High Definition Concealer in green. I went for a green one has I have heard that this colour concealer is the best at hiding red marks, which is my main skin problems.

And last but not least I choose LA Girl USA Pro Conceal High Definition Concealer. With 120 different summer shades to choice from I have got everything covered. Whatever outfit I wear I will have a matching eye shadow to use.


Laroc 120 summer eye shadow shades


I am so happy with all three of my new products and I have already been experimenting. My husband was shocked to come home from the gym and find me dressed in my gorgeous pink summer dress wearing matching pink eye-shadow. He said that I looked amazing and that pink really suited me and I should wear it more often.


Updating my Makeup for summer


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I received the above 3 makeup items in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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  1. I think I should also be doing the same – i need to change my make up style too I think – i’ve been doing the same thing for years

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